As World is getting smaller, will we converge to one primary language in the next 200 years?

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agsragsr 613 Pts
Different languages exist as World was isolated and there were isolated countries, tribes, and communities.  As the World is getting smaller and smaller, the dialects converge, and there is a trend towards standardized common language. English currently seems to be a front runner.
As technology advances, and we may one day get something similar to StarTrek Universal Translator, will we eventually converge to one primary language?
  1. will we converge to one primary language in the next 200 years?

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    1. Yes
    2. No
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  • I think we will.  We may get there even sooner than 200 years.  Different languages will still surely exist, but a common language will likely be universally understood.  Additional trend is machine learning, we may likely have machines talk to each other in english- like language, since many data sets AI will use to learn are in english are already. I expect AI to be fully proficient in English language within next 10 years.
  • LogicLogic 230 Pts
    No, i don't think so.  If you are implying a main language for the world, It already exists 'English'.  
    If you are saying all languages will die out, And there will be one left. I disagree.
  • @Logic, I think the key is one primary language. If so, English is already half way there, but it is not yet universally understood.
    With time that comvergence will happem, and there will be less and less incentive for kids not to learn English as primary language.
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