Will WestWorld HBO technology be in place in the next decade?

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Within a decade humans will be interacting with lifelike emotionally-responsive AI robots, very similar to the premise of the the HBO hit series Westworld, said Sagar.

The man who built a virtual nervous system explains how humans will interact with machines in ten years

  • Mark Sagar invented a virtual nervous system that powers autonomous animated avatars.
  • He is best known for developing Baby X, a virtual infant that learns through experience. 
  • Sagar says people will learn how to work cooperatively with AI powered robots.
  1. Will WestWorld HBO technology be in place in the next decade?

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    2. No
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  • I don't think in the next decade. There could be quasi-functional prototypes, but nothing mass-produced on the scale of Westworld.
  • @melanielust, I agree that while we will see great prototypes, the scale of WestWorld is atleast 50 years away.
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  • edited May 2017
    LOL, I think people have been predicting Westworld tech to become mainstream since it came out in 1973.
  • I agree with @cydharta .
  • @CYDdharta, what seemed like far fetched future in 1973 is within reach in 2020.  The pace of technology advancement has been incredibly and accelerating.  
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