Are good looking people discriminated against in IT?

Opening Argument

Silicon Valley HBO Series Episode Blood Boy, raises a theory about good looking people are discriminated against in IT (programmers, engineering, other technical role) by not taken seriously.  Will you agree that good looking men and women are not perceived as competent by their geeky looking technical counterparts?

  1. Are good looking people discriminated against in IT?

    2 votes
    1. Yes - sometimes
    2. No - only rarely or never
    3. Actually the opposite, they are rock stars

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  • Yes, being technically competent in our society is often associated with a nerdy look and demeanor.  If someone looks too polished, too good looking then they are perceived to be in sales instead of a technical role. That's one of the reasons some women in technology struggle, unless of course they fit geeky-looking profile.  Adding glasses always helps
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