Are you part of 10% that will give up a car for Uber or Lyft?

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10 percent of Americans trading in a car plan to use Uber and Lyft instead of buying a new one

  1. Are you part of 10% that will give up a car for Uber or Lyft?

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  • Maybe when it becomes self driving, but giving up a car to always wait for an uber ride, takes away flexibility in many cases.  I don't see myself giving up my car, and believe that 10% is overstated.
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  • Car ownership still makes sense, except big cities with parking issues, but even then many prefer to keep as a luxury item.
    I can see convenience of Uber, but are you really going to call uber everytime to go grocery shopping?  Unless of course you just call freshDirect.
    WhyTrump - a good question
  • I'd prefer my car over Uber drivers. Don't trust them.
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  • In Kansas City, (where I live) it wouldn't be a feasible mode of transportation because of the distances we often have to travel. Owning a car is the best thing I can do in regard to transportation economically and logically. 
  • Uber has been gaing traction due to all the reports going around about them and the unsatisifaction of drivers.
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