Is libertarianism a legitimate political platform?

Opening Argument

There are Democrats, Republicans, and ever-elusive third parties, like Libertarianism - which is quickly rising in popularity. They are based around freedom of the individual and less government interference. Examples of their policies include:
- Legalization of marijuana
- Less gun control
- Open borders for immigration
- Abolishing the progressive tax
- Abolishing/auditing the federal reserve

Do you agree with this system of thinking, or should it not be taken seriously? As far as I know there haven't been that many libertarians holding office in local or state governments yet, with a few exceptions.
  1. Is libertarianism legit

    3 votes
    1. Nope
    2. Yea

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  • Sorry, I don't think that's a legitimate platform overall if by legitimate we mean has a chance of actually winning an election. That said, Everyone is entitled to their opinions and many agree with some aspects of their platform (just not all).

    Live Long and Prosper
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