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The Most Persecuted Religion In The World

Opening Argument

VaulkVaulk 242 Pts
I'd like to preface this statement with "This is merely my opinion", that said I think that when most poeple think about the most persecuted Religion in the World today they think about Islam.  And while it's very true that Islam is under fire for a myriad of reasons, there is one Religion in today's world that in sheer numbers and atrocities is by far, hugely, the single most persecuted Religion of our entire world - Christianity.

Now if I were you, I would be scoffing perhaps, rolling my eyes maybe or even furiously opening multiple google tabs to find what preposterous proof there was to support this statement...and I honestly hope you do...look it up that is.  I, like many of you reading this, was shocked to see it headlined during a random search for information of the Religious nature...and even I didn't believe it when I saw it.  To me, Christianity has always "Seemed" like the pinnacle of Religion in the Western me if any Religion was favored or had an unfair advantage it would be Christianity for certain.  Upon researching the supposed idea of Christians being the most persecuted of all Religious followers I discovered not only was I horribly blind but that the reality was always right there in front of me.  I had developed what's called "Normalcy Bias" on a small scale, an inability to see what's in front of me simply because I expect things to be a certain way.  That said I would provide the following as supporting evidence and request critical evaluation and subsequent discussion of the topic.  For myself though, this is more of an awareness post which doesn't necessarily beg a debate but any opposition is welcome.

What's really mind-blowing...I mean absolutely shocking is that I have never...ever...e v e r heard about this before and it's not new.  What's even worse is that Christians seem to be dealing with the persecution the way they always have...allowing themselves to become martyrs and praying that it will stop.  It's sad that it's the only way.


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  • VaulkVaulk 242 Pts
    So to tally this up, approximately 90,000 Christians were killed in 2016 because of their Religious beliefs and another 200,000 experienced Religiously motivated violence or persecution.  These estimates are coming from Open Door USA, the Italy-based Center for Studies on New Religions, the U.S. State Department Refugee Processing Center, World Help and the Philos Project. 

    Across the world Christians are disappearing from Countries, even where they used to be a majority.  Churches are burned or bombed, Religious observances are target for opportunity in number of fatalities, Christians are being jailed, tortured, raped, beaten and mutilated for their ideology.  Meanwhile it's becoming apparent what even the Pope has stated about the response from the Western world: "We're hearing what Cowardly Silence sounds like".

  • agsragsr 540 PtsPremium MemberTechnology Community Moderator
    Premium MemberTechnology Community Moderator
    @Vaulk, 6 million jews were killed during holocaust in 1940s,  And were all slaves during Egyptian times.  I think that Jewish religion is more persecuted throughout history.
    Many religions are heavily persecuted throughout history, and I found your articles insightful.

    Live Long and Prosper
  • VaulkVaulk 242 Pts

    Agreed entirely, in fact your reference to the Jews was the only listed opposition in any of the articles I managed to gather and it was only listed in one as the overall historically most persecuted.  However, this post was in regards to the most persecuted currently.  When I was overseas in Iraq I actually remember when the Soldiers had to shut down a small outpost in Norther Iraq that housed and protected a few hundred Kurdish Christians...the story was passed along by word of mouth from the boys who were responsible for packing it all up and I later pulled an article from the web detailing the massacre that ensued.  The Iraqis were waiting at the gate when the last U.S. convoy drove away, they beat them all to death with different types of blunt weapons and used pickup trucks to drive over several of them, the picture on the headline was pretty intense.
  • ImbsterImbster 93 Pts
    Men get persecuted for rape that they never did but other men have done or always do. I'm sure you've been taught in history class what Christianity has done to Muslims. That a Pope, one time decided to divide the world for Spain and Portugal. Did he get that idea from the Bible? Let's focus on the muslims part. Christianity has been the largest religion at present because of their dominance in the dark ages and times before and after that. When they came to take back Spain they killed muslim parents and took down some muslim buildings but do you know what they figured to do with the muslim children. Ah yes, Force Christianity down their very throat and every organ. Yes I'm persecuting christianity right now but you know what they did. Christianity isn't perfect, its process of molding a priest doesn't guarantee the priest to have 0 % child molestation desires. 

    I am not in any way taking joy of the deaths of these recent humans in 2016 but am just stating why I wouldn't be shocked or perhaps others who dive in to history be surprised Christianity is the most persecuted religion right now. They also have stories very similar to older religions and with enough research you can match Jesus' Birth story with a lot of other interesting stories Christians would comment such, "false prophets have written these". Very open-minded of them. These older religions can never legally own beliefs and stories right?
  • That all was during the crusades, in which may I remind you, that Muslims committed terrible acts too.  Also, Christians during the crusades were Catholics, and back then they thought buying things from the church took your sins.  Martin Luther came soon after to reform Christianity, so you cannot judge modern day Christianity off of them.  

    Second, Moses came long before other religions and wrote the first five books of the old testament, though God was the one who gave him the words to write.  Also, Jesus has been backed by archaeological evidence.

    Yes, they did commit terrible acts, but Muslims have also brought ISIS forth in the current day.  
  • VaulkVaulk 242 Pts

    Almost every Religious organization has a violent history, at some point Religion of every kind has been used for an agenda and more often than not it's with violence.  No one contests this, Christianity has been used for violence in a great many of ways throughout history.  The topic of this discussion however, is that Christianity...despite its the most persecuted Religion in the entire world today.  In regards to history one is persecuting Christians today because of what happened during the Crusades, Christians aren't being slaughtered in today's world because of the atrocities committed hundreds of years ago.

    Granted, the Jews were responsible for putting Christ on the Cross...but if hundreds of thousands of Jews were still dying every year in an attempt at one would be sitting around talking about how the Jews weren't exactly's 2017 people.  What's more is the fact that the vast majority of what's killing Christian people are the very people that are at the top of the pity list in the Western World...Muslims.
  • medldmedld 9 Pts
    Muslims are not persecurated, but rather Jews are extremely persecuted and have been for a very long time.
  • I'd argue that Jews are the most persecuted. Jews have been intentionally killed, pushed out of their territories, and wiped out for at least 2000 years. Tens of millions of Jews have been killed on the basis of religion; just look at the Holocaust, where 6 million were killed.
  • RodinonRodinon 62 Pts
    Who's more persecuted?  Jews or Christians?

    The number of both of these groups who have been murdered is staggering.  First, Jews have been around far longer, the violent Muslims target them before Christians (First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people), and they are involved in a struggle for land.  There are always will be far more Christians than Jews because they more actively share their religion and their numbers are in no way limited by family line.

    Even when Jews were persecuting the 1st Century church, the Jews themselves were being persecuted by the Roman Empire, but Christians were largely made up of converted Jews.  The Romans lumped Christians in as a Jewish Sect, so persecution against one spilled over to the other.

    If you are a Christian and take the Bible seriously, you have no grounds to persecute Jews.  It's pretty plain about this.  And also understand, as soon as the Pantheistic/Occultic 3rd Reich finished off the Jews, they were going to rid the world of Christians, too.
  • Two big questions for the basis of measurement:

    Currently vs Ever in history?

    Total amount of discrimination or per capita discrimination?

    Ever in history and per capita: Too many to choose from. A lot of religions were wiped out completely by discrimination both in ancient history and in more modern days (think North/South America from 4 centuries ago onwards) so there's too many to choose.

    Currently and per capita: Probably some minor religion like the Yazidis. They're small and geographically located in a shitty area (the Middle east) where a sizeable total of the the total population have suffered at the hands of ISIS and many had to flee their lands. Even under aside from terrorist organisations they are often mistreated by the governments of their states.

    Ever in history and total amount of discrimination: This will go to a religion that's large, with a bonus if it's old although that's not necessarily a decider due to explosive population growth in the last century. That rules out some like Judaism which are old but never had a mass following like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddism, etc. Hard to say, but probably give the edge to Hinduism if we consider the entire colonial rule period of India due to the "other" nature of Indians to white Christian Europeans which at least in part was due to their religion. Total guess on my part though, as far as I know there are no studies into total discrimination of religions so it's mostly gut feeling. I could see an argument for pretty much any of the modern popular religions.

    Currently and per capita: Again, hard to say as there's no solid research. I think your choice here says more about you then it does about reality. 

    The other key thing that I didn't mention because that would have made the whole thing too complicated is how we measure persecution. If someone is insulted because of their religion, is that counted as an act of persecution? And someone being murdered because of their religion is also an act of persecution so counts the same? or are we meant to measure the effect each type of persecution has on people - in which case how the hell are we meant to do that?
  • Damn... I hate victimhood politics, especially when they don't come with a solvency.

  • @Imbster

    Every religious institution with the exception of perhaps a few eastern ones has had the goal of "Convert, Divide Conquer" to insist that it was just the Pope would be ignoring thousands or maybe even millions of people that were killed to establish Sharia law, a Muslim Caliphate, or the supposed God's chosen nation of Israel, just to name a few. 
  • @agsr

    I agree with the Holocaust part, but actually Jewish people never served as slaves to the Egyptians, they found evidence to the contrary, the Israelites were paid quite well and were provided housing relatively near the pyramids so they could rest after work. That is why the pyramids are such masterpieces because people with architectural skills were the ones who built the pyramids. (If they were built by slaves, the pyramids would be falling apart.)
  • Jews were slaves to the Egyptians and they have great skills.
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • Christians are the most persecuted because they don't receive enough media coverage and support from developed countries.
  • VaulkVaulk 242 Pts
    @1Hacker0, I doubt that media coverage has much to do with it...although it definitely begs the question as to why there's virtually zero media coverage of the issue when by sheer numbers they're currently the most persecuted.
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