The Three Omnis and the Abrahamic God

Opening Argument

God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.
The first three concepts in religious teaching that made me think twice.
Free Will is a widely taught concept that seemingly God should have no power of IF free will were absolutely true. Some argue that God can alter and interfere with Free Will but does not, keeping his omnipotent state. Omnipotence is having unlimited power; able to do anything. Well, let's open a discussion on omnipotence.

God is not omniscient. Could he have possibly known everything his creation would discover later on? When we discover things, we assign classifications for it. Did he know every word of every language built in early civilisations? Does he memorise every scientific name for every animal? He doesn't even call a single animal with its scientific name during Noah's ark. That could've buzzed everyone even the scientific community if it was all already there. Why didn't he? All these coiled terms could actually just have been discovered by God already then perhaps we should rewrite history.

God is violating my free will if he already knew everything I'm gonna do.
This whole site should enlighten thee also on both omnipotence and omniscience

And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower…“ Omnipotent?Omniscient??Omnipresent??? So God just decided that despite my power and unlimited abilities I want to go down and see my creation for myself because I'm bored?

And this whole website is with me that God is not omnipresent despite them being theistic
Stop teaching kids these. Let them learn about unicorns and dragons in the Bible


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