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Is Comey bringing up good points in his testimony?

Opening Argument

Right now James Comey is harshly attacking the Trump administration during his testimony. It seems to be pretty revealing. Watch the live stream here: 

Some major points he has said so far include that Trump framed him and lied about him; his one-on-one conversations with Trump were "troubling" but he did not report them, instead wishing they would be leaked. If you don't want to watch live updates there's live text coverage here:

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  • He is doing a pretty good job. Popping some jokes here and there etc. he use xperience which is probably the cause of the good testimony. He is attackijg the administration a little bit. Although, I believe he may be less aggressive due to his possible fear do Trump possibly having tapes.
  • A nice article

    The 4 Biggest Revelations From James Comey's Testimony

    Live Long and Prosper
  • Comey is really aggressive as expected against Trump. That is expected since he was fired.  I guess he didn't say anythjng over the top, but he better hopes Trump is bluffing about those tapes
  • Yes, and to be honest, I believe him more han teump due to his great reputation and commitment to his word. He was under oath, if he wasn't lying, he could be charged with purgery. Either he or Trump is lying, one many goes down.
  • @natbarons, yes - Comey was under oath.  Not lookimg good for Trump. He is either ignorant, corrupt, or likely both. What was he thinking asking Comey to drop the investigation?
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  • I think it is crazy that Comey defended himself regarding leaking the document.  
  • @islander507, agreed. trump has gone after him, callng him a leaker.  You don't cross Trump.
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