Should you spend more time with your best or worst employees?

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As a manager, should you focus most of your energy trying to get your bottom quartile employees to shape up or your best employees to do even better?
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    1. Focus your time on worst employees
    2. Focus your time on best employees
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  • Focus on the best. That's what gives you 10x improvement. You should continue to clean house with the bottom performers though as they drag down team morale 
  • I think that there should be a good balance but with employees not doing their work and such I think that the foot needs to be put down and the manager needs to talk to them and tell them to shape up. However, if you want to make your company better I think that you should also tell your best employees just to put a little extra effort into it because then there is a balance but I think it could go either way. 
  • I think you need to focus on all your employees. If you see that one of your employees is not working according to the standards your company has then there is something wrong there so you it's your responsibility as an employer to figure out why this person is not working. Meanwhile you keep rewarding your best employees to encourage them to keep doing their best job. There is also something else that could work. You ask for your best employees to offer help to your worst employees or to offer them some tips and things to help so that those that don't work as expected can improve with the help of their co-workers. 
  • It really all depends on what kind of business you're running.  If you're talking about the fast food industry...well the employee standards are pathetically I'd focus on my better performers and just cut the low quality employees out of the equation...then hire new ones. 

    In other businesses, it might be more beneficial to work with your low performing employees to improve their overall work ethics, especially if you NEED them to remain employed with you.  Some businesses simply cannot afford to lose employees and this would be the scenario where putting in more time with your poor performers would net you better results.

    In any case, from an ethical standpoint, you should always put in more time and effort for your better employees.  Your quality workers are going to inevitably make you more money, be more reliable and dependable, and will net you a better business model overall.

    Keep in mind this isn't junior high or high school, it's the real world where if you don't perform well in your can't blame everyone else and take a 70 for makeup work.
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