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The Trump ‘SNL’ Season Led Kate McKinnon To Smash A Wall With A Hammer - cool or crazy?

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Host Jimmy Fallon and McKinnon ― who famously portrayed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton ― talked about how NBC is renovating the “SNL” offices.

“Before we left, the last week we were all blowing off a lot of steam because it’s been like a big season or whatever and we were told the walls are coming down,” said McKinnon. “The whole floor is being demolished.”

McKinnon explained how she was dancing to music with “SNL” writer friends and fellow cast member Aidy Bryant when they realized a hammer was in the room.

“I grabbed the hammer and one of my writer friends was like, ‘Put a hole in the wall. Put a hole in the wall!,’” said McKinnon. “So I did and I put a hole in the wall. And then they all put a hole in the wall.”


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  • Completely Crazy..who does that?
  • Can you imagine going to your workplace and doing this? How can this be happening?
    Live Long and Prosper
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