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Would President Trump really testify under oath?

Opening Argument

Do you believe Presidnet Trump would testify under oath? He has a history of making claims and/or promises, but then not going through with it or them? Would he make the smear arguments without oath as with oath if he were to go through with the promise many believe he wouldn't?
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  • I think that he will certainly continue to insist that he will testify under oath.  He will try to avoid it in reality at all cost, because who knows where it would go.  If politically pushed he will go for it, to make a strong point that he didn't do anything wrong.  If he does goes eventually under oath then we can debate if he would be willing to "lie" or stretch the truth under oath.  We have seen clever maneuvering by some under oath without technially lying.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • Yes, he made the claim. 
    According to President Trump, he is "100%" willing to testify under oath. I think that he would if asked. Although, his responses may be changed to some questions and may use the infamous Hillary's don't recall card.
  • You've got to be joking!
  • I agree with @mjhhjm90 .
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