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Is James Comey bluffing regarding WH audio tapes?

Opening Argument

Do you think that James Comey is bluffing regarding the White House's / Trump's claim of audio tapes of the conversation between Trump and James Comey? 

I believe Comey is bluffing on this one. James Comey is the EX-FBI director. I believe he would have the security clearance to know fit here is a compehrehensive audio recording system or nay at all inside of the White House or throughout the exterior of the WH grounds.
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  • Yes, he is bluffing. He probably knows that Trump is bluffing and there fore seems to want to seem more innocent by making the claim seem like he wants it to be teased, because he wasn't lying.
  • He is telling the truth, and I don't believe he has the security clearance yo know what's in the White House especially considering he is not on the White House staff.
  • This week secret service said that they are not aware of any tapes
    Live Long and Prosper
  • He is bluffing big time.

    I believe the head of the FBI or ex head would know about an undercover recording or taping system in the White House. 
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