Death Battle: Celestia (MLP) vs Amaterasu (Okami)

Opening Argument

This battle idea isn't paired very often. These 2 white deities of the Sun have watched over their lands for time immemorial. But which one is the more powerful guardian: Celestia; the Alicorn Princess of the Sun, or Okami Amaterasu; the wolf Goddess of the Sun?

I haven't fully researched Celestia's powers, but I know she can put up a fight. But I think Ammy would come out on top. ["Ammy" is a nickname for Amaterasu]
  1. Who would win?

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    1. Celestia the Alicorn
    2. Amaterasu the Wolf

Status: Open Debate


  • Amaterasu can control many different elements; Fire, Water, Electricity, Ice, Plantation (Bloom, Vine, and Lily Pad), Time (Veil of Mist slows time) , and Wind. She also can control day and night, use the Power Slash (can cut through diamond ore), use Cherry Bomb (an explosive fire cracker), repair broken objects with Rejuvenation, and Catwalk; if there's a statue of Kabegami (the god Amaterasu recieved Catwalk from), Amaterasu can use Catwalk to reach new areas. Source:

    Those I mentioned are the 13 Celestial Brush techniques. The Celestial Brush is an ability that can only be inherited from Amaterasu, as it's a supernatural power only able to be used by Amaterasu. It can run out of Divine Ink if used too often, though I doubt Ammy would waste this. It also refills automatically, and she has a lot of capacity for the ink, so she doesn't have to worry too much.

    Amaterasu also has 3 different Divine Instruments, which are weapons used by her to fight. The Reflector is a basic weapon. If Amaterasu times it right, she can do a counter attack with the Reflector. Rosaries have long range and hit multiple times per strike, and can launch as projectiles. One type of Rosary is the Ice Beads, which do ice damage. Glaives hit hard, but are slower than Reflectors and Rosaries, and have a charge attack. A notable Glaive is the Thunder Edge, which does electric damage. Source: [Go to the individual pages for more information]

    When you take all this in... it doesn't seem like Celestia can do much.
  • I agree with @PowerPikachu21 .
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
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  • Is that all you have to say? Not even attempt to show the powers of an Alicorn?
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