Is feminism a functional movement?

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Many think the feminist movement has become misguided since the 20th century. In what ways is this true? Why might feminism be deteriorating, if at all?
  1. Feminism is misguided

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  • Yes, it deiffinitely is. Their are many feminists out there today.
  • Feminism is deteriorating, now it could have gone in many paths such as gay/lesbian rights.
  • I think there are fractions within feminism movement. One aspect of it is equal pay/career opportunities, another LGBT.  
    There are many women out there who still prefer single-income earner roles and taking care of the kids.  Point is people are different, women are different, needs are different.

  • Feminism is definitely misguided.
  • I somewhat disagree that it's misguided.  There are many aspects of feminism that I support, like I think it is a good idea to have diversity in the workplace and equal pay.  I don't necessarily embrace or agree all feminism values, but can see how it is important to advocate for these rights.
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