Is Ransomware the new reality?

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ale5ale5 164 Pts
Cyber pirates hacked into Disney, stole an upcoming movie and are demanding ransom, company CEO Bob Iger said on Monday.

Microsoft warns ransomware cyber-attack is a wake-up call

They now even have ransomware as a service, where they make it easy for anyone to create ransomware and demand payments.

  1. Is Ransomware the new reality?

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    1. Yes - it will get even worth
    2. No
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  • Yes, it's getting really crazy.  Now with bitcoins, it makes is really easy to demand payments anonymously and a great way for criminals to monetize their hacking.  Their ROI is going through the roof, with mature ecosystems developing.  It is scary.
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  • joecavalryjoecavalry 252 Pts
    This is why people need to update to the news test windows software version.
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  • averyaproaveryapro 69 Pts
    I am going to have to say no, that Ransomware is not the new technology because CIA agents are already working to find a solution because, to be honest, I find this software pretty dangerous because it can result in cyber attacks and valuable information can be leaked to the cyber attackers which I find very dangerous and risky. Only because of this danger, I find that it could end up getting taken down or all of the servers taken down because I find this software dangerous. 
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