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Built For All Debaters

Casual Debaters

Debate online using the "Casual" online debating format and DebateIsland's exlusive "Persuade Me" debating. Complete integrated polls, leave "reactions" on arguments, post a simple or complex argument, browse the latest news, view hot and recent debates, and much more.

Formalish Debaters

Debate online with an unlimited amount of users during 1-3 rounds (15 Minute Blitz - 48 hours per round | 24 hour voting period) using's exclusive Formalish debating format, post an argument on a casual or "Persuade Me" debate, participate in an DebateIsland online tournament, leave a vote on a Formalish or Formal debate, and more.

Formal Debaters And Debate Club Members

Debate online using's Formal (Traditional And Lincoln-Douglas) debating, post comperhensive votes on Formal and Formalish debates, compete in DebateIsland's online debate tournament, and more.