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  • Scientific Discoveries

    I'm not sure as to how religion can prove anything scientific wrong, but there are lot's of scientific discoveries which were later proved wrong using science that supports theism. One which you are avoiding @Wowsil
  • Scientific Discoveries

    ANTHROPOLOGY: The Bible claims that all humans are “one blood” descended from one man and one woman 

    Um, no. That's a gross distortion of what the Bible says. That's basically taking the only parts which aren't demonstrably wrong, and forgetting all the other parts like the talking snake.

    And it's still wrong, because the entire human race isn't spawned from a single couple.
  • Scientific Discoveries


    I'm working on answers now. Your arguments are laughable, this is KJV errors, not Hebrew! I'm also going to give you the "purest" translation available for Torah and other writings.
  • Burning the flag should be illegal.


    This may not be apparent to everyone in the U.S., but no one HAS to stay here...   No one is forced to be an American.  Anyone that doesn't like America can leave....anytime...for any reason.  Now this is a difficult concept to explain so I'll add some examples.  The U.S. is an organization, it's unlike any other organization of its type but an organization none-the-less.  That said...let's imagine, if you will, that you're attending a PTA meeting and you wholly and fully hate the PTA.  Let's say you outwardly say "F$%! the PTA" and take their flyers and symbol outside and set them on you think they would want you there anymore?  Now apply the same concept to every single organization in the U.S., do you think that ANY organization would want to have anything to do with you if you did those things?

    Now imagine how Americans feel when someone stomps on and burns their flag and says "F%! America".  It's not illegal...but do you think Americans would want that person here?  Social Justice should be people shaming other people for doing stuff like this...

    To answer your first question, you DON'T "Have" to leave and I'm not suggesting that you do have to.  But any fool can look at the person at an organizational meeting who's screaming and throwing a temper tantrum, burning the symbol that represents the organization as a whole and wonder "Why the F$%! are you still here"?  "What does burning the flag solve"?  "It looks like you're just trying to get attention without actually doing anything to solve the problem".  "There's pretty harsh words for people who belly-ache about problems without actually doing anything to solve them".

    And to answer your question, I doubt anyone said "Leave" verbatim to our founding fathers...but it doesn't take a genius to take a hint...and they did leave.  They broke off from British rule and declared their independence.  If they had been told to leave...they probably would have done something similar and the only difference is that we could say today that "Britain told us to leave so we did".

    "I don't like this, I hate this, I'm angry and so I'm going to set things on fire so that everyone can see how discontent I am with these won't solve anything, it won't change anything but at least everyone will see me Bit$%#%! and maybe they'll pay enough attention to me to make me feel better".  Yea we need more people like this in the U.S. like we need more Cancer.
  • Burning the flag should be illegal.

    This is an argument of the Freedom of Speech versus the act of forfeiting your allegiance.  If you pledge your allegiance to the flag...then you burn that flag...just what exactly are you implying?  The implication is that you do NOT have allegiance to the flag and well...that's a problem.  If you have no allegiance to the flag then your allegiance to our Country comes into question naturally and rightfully so.  So while I don't think it should be illegal, I DO think it should be seen as a declaration of one's intent to leave the United States.

    There's your solution: "It's perfectly fine to burn the flag, just as long as you know that if you do're leaving as per your implied statement of disloyalty.  I don't think it's beyond the realm of reasonable to expect someone who has no loyalty or allegiance to the U.S. to GTFO.  It wouldn't be a punishment, more like buying a plane ticket.
  • Burning the flag should be illegal.

     Throughout the course of human events, we have seen that those who live in a country, where their country has become quite powerful in that era, tend to show what can only be described as Uber Nationalism. We see these individuals project utter hatred and disdain for those who question the standing government, and the values of said government. And with this, there is no opposition to a government that does not suit the needs of it's citizens. Less than conventional protests, are seen as radical. Those who walk in the streets telling of the injustices, will be seen as domestic terrorists. Now of course there is the actual matter at hand. That is the matter of whether or not a person should be allowed to burn the Flag of the United States. My answer? Is Yes. As an American they have the absolute right to do so. It is an unconventional and perhaps offensive protest to some, but I ask you but one question. Is it not our given right to do so as we please as long as we cause no harm to another? The flag, is not representing our country, it is representing our current government at that time. By burning it, they are not voicing their hatred for their country or its military. No, they are voicing their hatred for an establishment ripe with injustice and corruption. So I implore you, to look at this from a logical and reasonable side while in an age of illogicalness and unreasonableness. And I also ask those who choose to burn the flag, Will this truly gain more support for the cause? Look at the great Dr. King. In his speeches and along the roads of his marches, his supporters held that flag proudly in their hands. And they held it, they did not burn it, or trample on it, or anything such as that. If we want more support in out cause. We must follow his example. Corruption, Tyranny, and Injustice, is what we as Americans, must fight against. 
  • Burning the flag should be illegal.

    I'm totally against this. Burning a flag is freedom of speech, and no-one should be punished for doing so.
  • Burning the flag should be illegal.


    I'm not sure who you're arguing against but I never made an argument that contradicts your statements regarding how our government operates, the fact that it's a democratic republic or that government officials vote in ways that support those who elect them.  What we might disagree on is how what is socially acceptable would not directly be relevant to what the law says.  Can you site a legitimate current instance of this?  Is there a precedent anywhere in the law where the majority of the United States agreed that something was/wasn't socially acceptable but somehow lawmakers approved or dismissed laws that were contrary to that majority agreement?  

    Also, MayCaesar said:
    Even if 99.99% of the US population disapproves of flag burning, the government understands the importance of free speech, and the Supreme Court will not allow prohibition of flag burning to happen.
    We will have to agree to disagree that you're incorrect.  In 1968 the United States 90th Congress enacted what we refer to as the Flag Protection Act.  The FPA was an expansion of an already existing law from 1947 that prohibited knowingly defacing, damaging or burning the U.S. Flag in D.C.. The United States Supreme Court allowed the law and made no attempt at striking down the law until over 20 years later in 1989.  So to simply state as a matter of fact that the Supreme Court won't allow something to happen when it has in fact happened before with a 20 year establishment does not follow suite.  There's also zero precedent of 20 years being any sort of standard for Supreme Court actions.

    As far as your reference to the Flag as an Idol and usage of the term "Worship"...I think we can all acknowledge your opinion on what people should or shouldn't do and I've taken note of your claims on what most of Americans think and/or believe.  You're entitled to believe as you want however, that doesn't equate justification nor does it serve as acceptable logic to Appeal to the People as you have. 
  • Burning the flag should be illegal.

    Suppressing freedom of speech by extending special status to the ostensible symbol of such freedom is a conspicuous contradiction. Hypocrisy.

    If the United States wishes to stand for no freedom of speech, fine! Then render a crime any exercise of that former right.

    But as long as the United States pretends to defend / promote free speech, it is hypocrisy to do otherwise.

    And if you think about it:

     The U.S. flag is the SYMBOL of our nation, much as a picture of your mother is a symbol of her.
     So if her house were ablaze, and you rushed inside, what would you save? Your mother? Or the picture of your mother, leaving her there to her excruciating demise being slowly consumed by flame?

     Here's a hint.  SAVE YOUR MOM !! The symbol is not as important as that which is symbolized.

     Freedom of speech is more important than an ostensible symbol of freedom of speech.

    "No right is absolute. Conversely, no government authority is absolute." lawyer, law Professor and former ACLU head Nadine Strossen    [/quote]

  • Burning the flag should be illegal.

    Thought you where a debater not a statement maker. Obviously you have failed at debating. Like I said sources go a long ways. And their are many sources to link to for me. I am a member of another site for debating. @Erfisflat
    This is a logical debate. Sources aren't necessary. Just common sense. It's a piece of dyed cloth, nothing more.

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