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  • What can be done about this?

    The babies that female rapists have should be given over to the male. I believe this law is already in place in some places.
  • Introverts Or Extrovert

    I’m in the middle. I could honestly be friends with either as long as I like their other personality traits.
  • Are Autistic People Inferior

    Are blind people inferior as humans? No. Are blind people inferior in terms of their inherent abilities? Yes they are. It is hard to make a case in denial of a fact that not being able to see seriously impairs the person. It does not mean that a blind person cannot achieve incredible success in life, far beyond what most non-blind people can hope to achieve - but it does mean that they have a strong handicap when trying to do so.

    I would say it is similar with autistic people. I have nothing against them, and there is probably, at least, a couple against people I know and respect - autistic or not, this factor alone does not define a person. However, they definitely have some difficulties in life that other people usually do not, and trying to pretend that they are just different, rather than impaired in some way, does them disservice and tries to ignore the problem.

    Having trouble communicating with people is a huge handicap in the modern world. Negotiations define whether a business prevails or fails; negotiations define one's employability; negotiations define the loan or rent terms; negotiations can sometimes literally mean a difference between living and dying. This handicap is not completely debilitating, but the individual affected by it has to do a lot of work to make up for it. For example, when negotiating employment terms, such a person will have to show a tremendous amount of skill, otherwise his/her candidacy will look very shaky. 

    To conclude, autistic people are by no means inferior, but they do have a certain handicap compared to non-autistic people, and they have to work hard to close the gap between them and everyone else when it comes to success in life.
  • Jesus was not white, but black or Arabian.

    I myself don’t think that Jesus was white given the area in which he was born. I think that at the time the Bible was written it was written by white people who didn’t know of the exsistence of other races so that’s why he was white.
  • Jesus was not white, but black or Arabian.

    All around the country, except few parts, and even in many parts of the world, Jesus is portrayed as a white man. Black people worship him, Hispanics worship him, and even Asians worship him. All of them were brainwashed with white supremacy. First off, how did the writers of the bible know for a fact that Jesus Christ was "white"? Why couldn't he be any other skin color? And if you are religious yourself, what color do you think Jesus was? 
  • Lets the band of South American migrants in!

    By the way "@George_Horse, I'm not in the habit of voting for national socialists, so trump is not my fault!
  • Lets the band of South American migrants in!

    @George_Horse ;

    There used to be the time when this country let everyone in with no background checks. Only in year 1921, during the rule of arguably the worst president in the US history Woodrow Wilson, was the first temporary (that ended up remaining permanently) "emergency" immigration restriction imposed.

    The foundations of this country assumed open borders - a country open for everyone fleeing oppression of strict governments and churches was the very essence of the idea behind the American independence.

    The ones who founded this country would be horrified to see how restrictive the system has become, assuming total control over the border and instituting excessively long and expensive background checks. Wilson, Roosevelt and then Bush used national emergencies to build such a wall of restrictions, that once the most welcoming country in the world turned into one of the more skeptical ones as a result.

    I feel like the US started loosing their roots around the time Lincoln won the civil war and used it as an argument towards consolidation of federal powers and removal of state powers - and by the beginning of the post-WW2 era, with horrible violations of human rights such as internment camps, it lost all connection to what it was originally about. Now it is just another powerful centralized government exerting its will on its people however it pleases, and who those people can be in the first place is also fully controlled by it.


    I am not necessarily for borders open wide with no control - but then I also do not claim to fully promote the foundations of the United States of America. To claim it would be a fallacy. I am a libertarian, but I prefer to be a pragmatic one, rather than an idealistic one - as were the Founding Fathers, who just happened to live at a different time and have different ideas of how the world works. In the future, I believe, open borders will be necessary - but at present, some other problems need to be addressed first, such as the overgrown government putting its roots everywhere and holding everything and everyone in its grasp.

    That said, the US is still doing better in this regard than almost every other country in the world. For all the criticism I threw at the US in this post, the overwhelming majority of other countries deserve it tenfold.

  • Lets the band of South American migrants in!


    The real criminals are the domestic workers of the US, and their demand for minimum wages. This group of people has grown to 5,000 people, and the majority of them have made over the Mexican border, so there you go "@CYDdharta. I think it is the responsibility of the people of the southwestern United States to meet them at the border and help bring them in.
  • Lets the band of South American migrants in!

    Are you insane? It would be right and proper to let ALL of them in? No vetting, and no background checks? It is people like you that are the reason Trump is president, your absurd ideas will DESTROY the foundations of this country for which it was built upon.  Keep them out! First check them before even considering giving them citizenship.
  • Lets the band of South American migrants in!

    Damm! That just ruined my entire schpiel.  :s

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