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  • Proposals on how to tackle the issue of gun related crime

    Oh yeah, in reference to government tyranny that is still a very improbable event, the elite which encompasses a huge portion of the military would be unlikely to side with the average US citizen, and the fact there are other countries with far more firepower than any US civilian where the US military is having a hard time combatting does not mean in any sense that the average US citizen is going to get very far within the case of improbable tyranny.
  • Should The Second Amendment Be Repealed?

    An amendment that was written to allow people to have muskets to defend themselves, to allow them to band together and train because we had people with large armies that really didn't like U.S.. To actually allow the defense of our very small government from those who might want to take it over, or from those who would try to take that government away from we, the people, was good at that time. 
    NOONE could have envisioned a weapon that could be held by one person that could mow down a whole army of that time, before they even got in range, with hundreds to over a thousand rounds per minute.
    The weapons have outrun the amendment. The number of people who are against government of and by the people (for some dumb reason), has grown. We HAVE a "well regulated militia" in our National Guard, manned by our friends and neighbors, sister and brothers. THEY are not going to join up with those who want to destroy our democracy, OUR government. THAT is the only militia we need to protect U.S..

    I have nothing against people owning a gun. If we had a better system to control just who can buy one … like a person on a terrorist watch list … we wouldn't have such a dire need for "protection". I've owned guns all my life. That doesn't instill fear in anyone who knows me. I was an NRA member for years, a proud one. I wouldn't be today because they used to sell gun safety and education. Now they sell fear.

    We need a second amendment, but, one that has caught up with the weapons and dangers of today, not 1776!
  • Proposals on how to tackle the issue of gun related crime

    You are right, the big picture is not simple at all. It has to do with addressing mental health issues independently. It makes people feel better to have some kind of something to ban or some new law to create. At the end of the day though, those things cannot help. The sound of it seems safer. The thought that people are doing something seems safer, but the issue is far deeper reaching than anything that can be controlled in that manner.
      My point was simply that the only way to stop gun violence in action is with guns. The city of Los Angeles learned the hard way when 2 bank robbers outgunned their entire police force. The issues are separate. We need more protection until we have more individual solutions. @ZeusAres42
  • Should Evolution be taught in schools?

    @Plaffelvohfen The second you prove Evolution, which cannot be proven that is why it remains, a *THEORY*, then we can have an argument over other topics. But for now I think I have listed plenty of reasons in a few of my comments on why Evolution is not proven and therefore should not be taught as fact in the public school system. 
  • Should Evolution be taught in schools?

    @piloteern It hasn't been proven, therefore, it should not be taught as fact. 

    Creationism hasn't been proven either, therefore, it should not be taught as fact, or even not be taught at all.

  • Automatic Transmission vs Manual Transmission

    If you don't enjoy the 'focusing' when driving and that part is the chore to you, automatic is better.

    If you enjoy immersing yourself into the tiny details and in fact are more likely to focus less if the driving process is too easy to stimulate your brain, manual is better.
  • Automatic Transmission vs Manual Transmission

    If you have to cars that are exactly the same other than the fact that one has manual and one doesn't. If you race them on a straight level and dry path. With experienced drivers in both, the manual will win.
  • Should Evolution be taught in schools?


    Actually you are the one making the claim "Evolution not a fact and there is no evidence for it" and you need to support your claim, not merely reiterating your unsupported beliefs while refusing to honestly engage in a debate.

    So although I could simply insist you support your claim, I'll do you one better and show how your position is of course impossible due to the masses of evidence available refuting it, which you can see by literally googling it and getting a basic layman's summary (with supporting evidence) two seconds later:

    Of course if you want to view actual scientific studies assessing the evidence for evolution then these are.readily available through the scientific portal of your choice e.g.:

    To provide just a few of the countless tens of thousands of research papers supporting evolution.

    If you want to know more why don't you read one of the dedicated scientific journals based around evolution like the Journal of Human Evolution which on a monthly basis provides new peer reviewed scientific research regarding human evolution?
  • Should Evolution be taught in schools?

    1:  "I know that one species can change into another...."
    2:   "...but a dog can not produce a non-dog".

    Do you understand what you just wrote??
  • Should Evolution be taught in schools?

    calebsica said:
    Evolution not a fact and there is no evidence for it. Evolution has so many positions so I would love debate some. 
    Even IF evolution was just a theory (even though it's not), what's the point of not teaching it? Are you arguing that we should only teach what you agree with? Why shouldn't we not teach what I disagree with? I don't agree with the theory of creationism. If we barred schools from teaching things that people disagree with, nothing would get taught. This sounds like more banter from people who want to limit other peoples education.

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