Communities : Places where users from just about everywhere come to civily debate a topic.

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Why You Should Create A Community

Create a Like-Minded Community

If you feel passionate about a topic or a cause then foster a community of like-minded debaters.

Built To Grow

DebateIsland Communites are actively developed, feature a simple design, mobile friendly, fast, and pack a lot of functionality. We are in Beta, so much more to come. With our two exclusive types of Debating ("Casual" and "Persuade Me"), your users will never feel limited.

You Are In Control

A "Community Moderator" has full control over their community and moderating it's content. is commited to our "Community Moderators" and their Communities. In other words, your at the helm. Your the Captain Kirk to The Enterprise as Mario is to Luigi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Moderates My Community?

You fully Moderate your community by editing, deleting, announcing, flagging, etc. arguments, debates and everything that has to do with your community.

Whom Do I Contact For Help? Puts Our Users (that includes Community Moderators just like you) first. If you ever need any help, have feedback, or issues you can message @aarong, email, and text/sms +1-917-765-0339.

How do I specify additional rules as part of my community?

Your community will have an official community page that will optionally have any additional rules, your contact, and additional details you would like to provide.

How do users contact me as a moderator of the community?

Users can find moderator(s) of the community on the official community page.

Is This Community Mine Forever?

You are responsible for growing and maintaining your community, you will optionally accept other co-moderators, and will nurture the community. reserves the right to take over any community if it becomes inactive, violates our terms and conditions, or other circumstances at our discretion. Our intent is to empower you to be successful as a community leader.

What role does main site moderator have as part of community moderation?

Site moderator(s) have full access to all communities, spam, and flag queue. We will typically rely on community moderators to moderate their own community, but reserve the right to get involved as needed. Users may either contact community moderators or site moderators for help.

Is there more functionality coming for community moderation?

Yes, we launched this Beta functionality and plan to actively develop further based on moderators and users feedback.

How do users follow my community debates and arguments?

As part of notification settings users choose which communities to follow.

Do debates on my community show up in the main page?

Typically yes. We have an option of suppressing some communities from appearing in the home page.

Can my community be a sub-category of another community/category?


Do users have to follow DebateIsland rules or my rules when participating in my community?

Debateisland rules always apply, but you may specify additional rules to follow.

Can my community be private?

Not at this time, but that maybe available down the road.

Is it free?


Can I have multiple moderators for a community?


Can I moderate an existing community?

Yes. Please request.

Do I commit to making it a full-time job by signing up to be a moderator?

Of course not. We expect you to stay active, but understand that you may have other things going on.