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Debra AI Argument Analytics

Debra Artificial Intelligence analyzes various aspects of your arguments by utilizing machine learning and natural language processing. The analytics can help users get instant feedback on their arguments and improve their debating skills. Debra can currently estimate levels of:

- Considerate: how likely that others will perceive your post as considerate vs toxic (rude, disrespectful, or unreasonable comment)

- Substantial: how likely that your post is meaningful vs a short and/or trivial comment

- Clear: how likely that your post is clearly stated vs difficult to understand and/or non sensical

- Relevant: how likely that your post is not spam (Irrelevant or unsolicited commercial content)

- Sentiment: how you feel about topic your post (positive, negative, neutral/mixed)

- Spelling and Grammar: grammar and spelling warnings per word count

- Sources: Amount of external sources are linked in the argument

- Readability: average grade level required to understand your post. A good target for general audience in the U.S. Is 8. We correlate multiple algorithms including Flesch-Kincaid, Gunning Fog, Coleman-Liau, Automated Readability, the SMOG index, and others.

- Entity Sentiment Detection: main entities that were discussed in an argument and how the user feels about the entities discussed.

- Political Analysis: most likely political affiliation of the argument

Debra AI Debate Prediction

Debra AI also predicts winner/s of online debates with high accuracy. "Debra Predict" analyzes arguments utilizing proprietary algorithms and APIs. Debra provides informative details and scores of various factors that it analyzed to predict the debate winner/s. For "Formal" and "Formalish", Debra AI provides the predicted winning side and for "Casual" and "Persuade Me" Debates, Debra provides the predicted winner and predicted 2nd place user. For all Debates, Debra AI provides more details based on DebateIsland's 9 point voting system.

Debra AI User Analytics

In addition to "Debra Argument Statistics", Debra can also measure "User Statistics." Debra AI creates averages on user profiles for considerate, substantial, word count, spelling and grammar, sentiment, and sources. These analytics include Debra's calculation of users' most likely political affiliation and supported presidential candidate/s.

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