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Will Republicans Win In 2018 Elections?
in Politics

By passedbillpassedbill 80 Pts
Based on yesterday's big win/s for republicans in South Carolina and Georgia which was the most expensive house race in history, will republicans win in the 2016 elections?

There was an expected small margin win for the conservative candidate, unlike Price who won by very large margins opposedly.
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  • No, I respectfully don't side with that argument.

    Trump is a large influencer in the election and the process. If he tends to continue doing what he's doing now, the Democrats will pull of a large victory.
  • CYDdhartaCYDdharta 1275 Pts
    They may do unexpectedly well.  If the Dems continue the way they're going, Trump won't have a chance to overreach the way Obama did in his first term with Obamacare, which brought a backlash in 2010.  By then general public may grow weary of the incessant unsupportable attacks on the administration, generating sympathy for the GOP.  There's quite a bit of time left between now and the midterm elections, so a lot can happen that would affect it; the economy, war in Korea or Syria, social issues. 
  • If an election were to happen right now, the Republicans would probably win again. Democrats still don't know how to win and they keep blaming their losses on the rest of America.

    But in 4 years, people will probably be sick of Trump, and might switch back to Democrat. It's all about reactions.
  • I think it would completely depend on which party gets more votes split. The democratic party would probably be split by the socialists, and non socialists, while the republicans would be split between Trump and some other less radical candidate.
  • @1hacker0 , I think it could easily go to the Republicans or Democratis. The Democrats had a lost agenda which Schumer may have said they would revive. So far, I'm not swing that revival which the democrats and Schumer were talking about.

    Republican voters may be fed up with the congress men who aren't keeping their promises on repealing ObamaCare. They may also be upset that they haven't been following and fulfilling Trump's promised agenda.
  • I expect them to win with a decent margin. If only because the Democrats' candidates this time around are unusually incompetent, and the issues they target are not the issues highly prioritized by the general population.

    Trump, of course, will play against the Republicans on these elections, so some populist candidates from Democrates, such as Ocasio-Cortez (one of the few politicians nowadays that, in my opinion, is much less competent than even Trump), are likely to make it to the government. But I do not think this effect will be very significant; party preferences usually are based not on who is in the White House, but on what those parties stand for.
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