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Reddit CMV (Reddit Change My View) vs Persuade Me
in General

By inc4tinc4t 184 Pts
Reddit CMV (/r/ChangeMyView reddit) has a new formidable competitor - DebateIsland Persuade Me Debate.  Reddit ChangeMyView has been around since 2013 and now Reddit CMV has over 343,000 subscribers.  
Users come to Reddit CMV with an open mind to seek out arguments that will have their views changed in some way.  It was the best place online to do that, until July 10th 2017, when DebateIsland, popular debate website, launched an amazing Persuade Me debate option.
I will argue that DebateIsland PersuadeMe is better than Reddit CMV.  I really love the new DebateIsland Persuade Me feature!

Reddit CMV not as good as DebateIsland Persuade Me - Top reasons

1) Reddit Change My View is not a debate website with multiple categories and debate features. DebateIsland is a leading debate web site, with Persuaded option seamlessly integrated for a great overall debate experience.  You can participate and browse for debates in any category, and can choose between Casual or PersuadeMe format. 

2) Reddit CMV is single dimensional.  If a view is changed then you put a delta character as part of your comment.  DebateIsland offers a full range of reactions instead.  A changed view by OP warrants a winning argument, and anyone can also acknowledge their view changed by using a Persuaded reaction.  Full range of other reactions such as agree, disagree, funny, fallacy, fist bump are available to express your views. Reactions are much easier and friendly to use than cryptic deltas embedded in text and picked up by a delta bot.

3) In Reddit CMV, people are not just changing their views too often. If you look at the Reddit CMV daily leaderboard, top users only have 2-4 deltas weekly. It is unusual to have daily leaderboard with more than one delta (maybe two max). That's for 340,000 users and thousands users on at any one time. One out of 340,000...a smaller chance of getting a delta than a rare disease.  In contrast, DebateIsland has a much higher ratio of users being persuaded.

4) Reddit CMV is much more effort to participate in and is much more formal.  Submissions must be lengthy (atleast 500 characters), you must follow very prescriptive rules or your submission will be removed (or you may even get banned).  You must also commit at ChangeMyView to reply to each comment within 3 hours (hmm...what about night time?)
In contrast, DebateIsland rules are simple,  but effective (rule 5 below is specific to Persuade Me debates)

5) Reddit CMV doesn't have polls.  Debateisland polls are easily included in all debates and are great addition to the debate experience.

To clarify my position on this debate, I am not advocating that Reddit CMV is useless and is worse than DebateIsland for all users and all cases.  I argue that DebateIsland PersuadeMe is better for most users than Reddit CMV.  I also acknowledge that Reddit Change My View is a more established community, and 340,000 users over 4 years is impressive. DebateIsland is only about 6 months old, and has a smaller but exponentially growing community.  That said, DebateIsland is still big and active enough to provide a great and civil overall experience that is better than Reddit CMV.

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  • ale5ale5 263 Pts
    I completely agree that the New DebateIsland Persuaded debate is a great feature.  I used Reddit CMV occasionally, but it is way too cumbersome compared to DebateIsland.  
    I agree with all 5 reasons listed why DebateIsland is better than Reddit CMV.  I especially agree with reason 5. Not having polls directly integrated is a big drawback for debates on Reddit CMV and Reddit in general.  I know that there are 3rd party options to embed polls, but that doesn't wirk effectively and most redditors don't use them.
    Great job, DebateIsland!
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible
    - Walt Disney
  • I am new to this site and just heard about it from another Reddit CMV user.  I've been using Reddit ChangeMyView (CMV) for over 2 years and it has grown substantially. At this point I am really used to Reddit CMV features, and accept the limitations for what they are.  
    I have to say that DebateIsland persuade Me format looks like a great alternative to Reddit CMV for many people (but not all).  I love the friendly reactions, the ease of use, and the fact that it is mixed with other debate formats.  It is truly unique and while I am not ready to switch completely from Reddit CMV, I will plan to debate here.  

    The users who will continue to prefer Reddit CMV include those who seek more strict moderation and a larger community.  Reddit CMV sub is hugh, with thousands online at any given point of time.  That is both good and bad, but many prefer that for sure.
    Anyway, I am excited to find this site and hope to contribute to the community.
  • inc4tinc4t 184 Pts
    welcome aboard.  I agree with most of your points about differences between Reddit CMV and Persuade Me format here.
    Important point to note that DebateIsland user base is also growing exponentially and it is not dedicated to just ChangeMyView functionality, but to an overall online debating experience.  This new addition of the persuade me format naturally blends in to the other functionality and debating options.  
    My concern about Reddit ChangeMyView is that it is fitting a round peg through a square hole.  Reddit is not really meant for debating, and the CMV Reddit needed to workaround many user experience shortcuts to make it work. For example the Reddit deltas are a bit weird, and reaction icons here feel much more natural and flexible.
  • @inc4t, Reddit CMV Delta functionality is the only way that CMV can work within Reddit.  Reddit doesn't support custom feature like DebateIsland has here. works fine once you get used to it.
    I also wanted to mention that I find lack of the 500 character minimum is really refreshing, I never liked that Reddit CMV restriction.  
    This looks really promising. 
  • agsragsr 861 Pts
    edited July 2017
    @ChangeMyView, welcome aboard from Reddit CMV.   DebateIsland offers two formats, casual and persuade me.  Both coupled with reactions ate being used for a wide range of online debating.  Persuade Me format is superior to the Reddit ChangeMyView format, and coupleed with the other casual format it makes it another level.  There are no other sites online that offer comparable overall online debate experince like DebateIsland.
    - civil debates
    - engaged community 
    - mobile friendly experience
    - debate formats that just work
    - not formal, but effective
    - embedded polls
     Reddit CMV doesn't even come close.
    Live Long and Prosper
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