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How likely is it for new religions to arise (in the near/far future?) that gain large followings?

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Nowadays, if people say they're touched by/hear the words of God(s), we often see them as crazy, and if not that, we may blindly trust them or believe in their words, or the alleged words of a higher power they claim to interpret, or speak of verbatim. Specifically, we largely either think that these 'prophets' make things up if they claim to hear (a) God(s), or think they're possibly schizophrenic or something to that effect, or the person in question may start a "cult" completely irrelevant to any religion's common teachings, or rather, what is more pertinent to things often considered pagan.

Would the average person believe it to be true, if they were told someone heard an angel, or (a) God, be it derived from a well-established religion, or a potentially new one? Would it be accepted? Would it be viewed as extremist?

Feel free to cite sources that prove, by technicality, the establishment of such religions or (in general) belief systems already, such as atheistic 'churches'.

As for another topic that might spark a lively debate, and also being relevant to religion, but that I feel I may as well leave here (albeit adding some difficulty in discerning what's being discussed in the arguments):

I think the main argument on topics such as "Is atheism a religion" can boil down to the fact that, although words negligibly have intrinsic meaning, they can also change in definition with culture and society.

Someone eloquently described atheism as something of a... disapproval of religion and NOT a belief, contrary to what some might claim; although it relates to the topic of religion, it's more about the lack thereof. And, more specifically, it relates to faith and belief; be it in an afterlife, in a Heaven or Hell, Elysium, Purgatory, Valhalla, Nirvana, Reincarnation, Karma, God(s), Devil(s), deities in general. Just as there are multiple religions and sects beneath, there are atheists who believe in different things. There are agnostics who aren't sure about the existence of deities. There are, apparently, Atheist Quakers. I'm going to guess... being agnosticism refers to an uncertainty in belief of a God, atheism best describes disbelief in an afterlife, heaven, or maybe quite the same thing. Holy, divine scriptures and the like. There are atheists who believe in evolution, the big bang, et cetera. There are those who go so far as to deny, or care little about how the world and universe came to be, with no other belief. Those who choose not to even call themselves atheists. Those who even argue if, grammatically, one should capitalize "Atheist", given the potential for it to be referred to as a religion. Some say religion represents belief. I'm not sure if I believe in much of anything, I'm more often inquisitive and uncertain. Thusly, I would say I'm an atheist without a religion, and I don't associate the two.

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  • walterbawalterba 59 Pts   -  
    I don't believe so. Scientology was created, but it hasn't gained momentum and is not really a good religion. I believe that there won't be other legions created.
  • CYDdhartaCYDdharta 1425 Pts   -  
    What you describe as atheism is really agnosticism.  Atheism has a definite belief; that God does not exist.  Agnosticism states that God may or may not exist; the question is unanswerable, at least during one's lifetime.

  • PowerPikachu21PowerPikachu21 213 Pts   -  
    Back on, this guy called Ahmed made a religion where genies come from imagination and make people sin. English isn't his first language though, so it's hard to fully understand what he's trying to say. I don't think it'll become an official religion, though. (And I'm not sure if he even believes himself.)

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  • FredsnephewFredsnephew 330 Pts   -  
    Unfortunately the gullible masses will always follow a charismatic individual. This sadly seems to be a human trait/failing.
    So anything is possible.

  • 1Hacker01Hacker0 91 Pts   -  
    There have been many religions created recently. I think can't think of some of the top of my head, but if I remember there was one created in Japan pretty recently.
  • passedbillpassedbill 80 Pts   -  
    I don't believe that any new religions would rise, because of the Cyrene religions with some make sense like Judaism.
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