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Is stereotype that ambition diminishes with age true?
in Work Place

By agsragsr 850 Pts
the younger generation in the workforce seems to be hungrier and more ambitious to learn and succeed.   But, is that an unfair stereotype?
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    Is stereotype that ambition diminishes with age true?

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  • THat is not true due to the usual higher positions of older people.
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • I'd say Colonel Sanders is a good example of how ambition still stays. The stereotype is false because a bigger driving factor leads a certain age to be ambitious and another certain person to diminish his.
  • I believe this to be an accurate generalization, while still being a generalization. I think it is more realistically useful to look at the cause: thyroid changes over age. The thyroid is a major behavior modifier, and it causes the elderly to be more relaxed and have less ambition. Not necessarily a bad thing, but a change nevertheless.

    My dad (a wise man) put it like this:
    Young people have ambition and energy, but no resources to follow them
    Old people have resources, but have lost their energy.
  • @MasterofPun ;

    Well said.

    I agree with all that you and your dad say.

    I am aged 58 years, and to be honest I find ambition quite stressful these days.
  • @agsr ;

    To be honest, I don't think stereotype is an appropriate word to use in the context of your question.

    You should just ask.

    Is it true that ambition diminishes with age?

    If you wish to refer to stereotype.

    You should perhaps ask.

    Are older people, stereotypically, less ambitious?

    My apologies for being picky about grammar.


     I would agree with your proposition and put myself forward as a perfect exemplar of the less ambitious, older person.
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 1257 Pts
    I think it is a correlation, rather than a causation. It does not depend on the age directly; rather, it depends on the individual's place in life, and that place usually becomes better with age, as the individual gains experience, as his/her resume grows and becomes more and more impressive, as he/she has more and more money banked. The more you already have, the less your need is to gain more, hence your drive to achieve more and more will decrease as your situation improves.

    That said, there are also people who have an almost eternal drive to improve and to do something new. You often see people on the news achieving remarkable things in their old age; I remember a report on a 95 years old Japanese man who reached the peak of Everest, for example.

    I myself am like that. Currently, for example, in addition to my general profession (physics) and one of the major hobbies (music), I became obsessed with car technology and I am reading a lot about various car parts every day, planning to take a certified course for car mechanics just to better understand cars. Also I am working on a mathematical algorithm that maximizes gains from trading on the foreign currency market, hoping to eventually put the algorithm into practice and to improve my personal economy, as well as maybe publish the algorithm in the interest of economics. Always something new to learn or to try, and too little time to do it all!
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