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Should Countries Invest More Into Their Space Programs?
in Politics

By melefmelef 68 Pts
Do you believe that countries should invest more into their space programs such as NASA, etc. ?

I believe that they should do the amount of information they can get and possibly find alien life.
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  • Yes, the budget for space programs should possibly be increased. This is due to exploring space, etc.
  • Exploring space leads to discovers that can help us advance in science and protect are selves. Plus we may be able to start exploiting resources in space. We are surrounded by space so it is in my onion important. (I am very besides sense that is what I wan't my job to be when a grow up)
  • Yes, it can help in research, etc.
  • space doesn't

    Retired DebateIslander. I no longer use this site and replying to me is useless. Many things I have posted here (Such as believing in the flat Earth theory or other conspiracy theories such as those that are about the Las Vegas Shooting or 9/11) do not reflect on my current views. (Me officially stating that I am no longer a flat-Earther)
  • Yes, they can take away funding from other things or programs possibly and invest more into their space program/s to do research, etc.
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • I think such fields as nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and genetic engineering are much more promising and practical in the foreseeable future in terms of investment returns, than space programs. Historically space programs started as a manifestation of the economical war between Soviet Union and the US - and while at some point they became pretty sustainable without taking up a significant portion of the governmental budget, their return is still extremely low.

    I simply do not see space programs achieving any sort of breakthrough in terms of humanity's quality of life in the next 50-60 years. On the other hand, nanotechnology may revolutionize production, artificial intelligence does not need introduction, and genetic engineering is about the best investment we can make into the future, because it can literally grant us immortality within our younger members' lifetime.

    I would leave space programs to enthusiasts such as Elon Musk, and funnel governmental funds into more promising projects.
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