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The difference between discipline and punishment.
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By VaulkVaulk 570 Pts
I'd like to toss this one around for a bit in an attempt to get some different perspectives regarding the topic.  

So first, my thoughts on the matter.  Discipline and Punishment are completely different from one another.  This might come as a shock to some of you, I say this because just about every other person I've ever heard mention the word "Discipline" has done so with a misunderstanding...confusing one for the other or simply assuming that they both mean the same thing.

Examples: I discipline my Children by spanking them; Timeout is my preferred method of discipline for my Children; I mainly discipline by taking things away from my kids but I've used spanking as a punishment also.

This is entirely erroneous and a total misrepresentation of what Discipline is.  I believe that most people know exactly what punishment is, but discipline is where the rub lies.

Oxford Dictionary 
defines "Discipline as: The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.

This is directly in line with my understanding of discipline.  Take note that the act is characterized by "Training".  In order to train someone you must instruct them, demonstrate for them and eventually have them implement practical exercise with them.  For Children particularly, this process must be repeated multiple times in order to achieve the desired effect. takes time.  Also take note that in the process of disciplining someone, if they "Disobey" then punishment must be used to correct the behavior.  Mind you that disobedience does not necessarily mean that the person or Child simply didn't do whatever was expected of them.  Disobedience is characterized by will.  This is why under the Laws of our land, the legal process following the killing of someone is entirely dependent upon whether or not the perpetrator intended to do it (Murder vs Involuntary Manslaughter).  

In summary, Discipline and Punishment are not to be confused for one another.  Too many of our youth are being warped by Parents who have no idea that it's counterproductive to punish a Child who they don't Discipline.  Children cannot discipline themselves, it's not a Parent who fails to discipline their child subsequently creates an undisciplined Child.  An undisciplined Child will inevitably behave in such a way that is unacceptable...only when the Parent reacts it will most likely be through punishment...creating resentment and a feeling of injustice against the parent.  That's how we get adults with zero discipline...or what people are calling Millennials.

"If there's no such thing as a stupid question then what kind of questions do stupid people ask"?

"There's going to be a special place in Hell for people who spread lies through the veil of logical fallacies disguised as rational argument".

"Oh, you don't like my sarcasm?  Well I don't much appreciate your stupid".

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  • Discipline is needed and can be done without punishment.
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • I agree. Punishment is way to try to make undesirable behavior appear less often or in some cases erase it. Its counterpart would be rewarding when the desired behavior is obtained. 

    For example you punish your child when they don't pick up their toys ( at a certain age and after having taught them how and when to do it) and you reward your child when they do pick up their toys without you telling them to (the fact that you shouldn't need to tell them made clear) by a pat on the shoulder, verbally or any other way deemed fit. 
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