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Did President Obama do a good job
in Politics

By OtogunOtogun 4 Pts
President Barack Obama was unfairly persecuted during the eight years of his presidency, confronted with lies and slander about both his family and policies. While the record goes to show he was not only a decent or good president but a great one, and no matter of one's political standpoint the facts do not change. The economy significantly increased in GDP and Stock delegitimizing claims established by Republicans and it's viewers such as Donald Trump , Tucker Carlson , and Ben Carson.

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  • No, Former President Obama did not do a good job during his 2 terms as president of the United States. He allowed Iran to developed their nuclear program through the Iran nuclear deal, created a horrible health care system, used too much Executive power to make DACA, etc.
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  • @joecavalry

    You need to blame Eisenhower for Iran's nuclear program. His Atoms for Peace policy spurred the creation of the nuclear non-proliferating treaty which gives signatories the unalienable rights to develop a nuclear programme gram for peac@joecavalry

    Iran's NPT violations were almost 20 years ago at this point so it was going to revert to the norm at some point, it was just a case of how and when. Allowing Iran to have a nuclear program is an obligation the USA made nearly 50@@joecavalry

    I don't buy the other two points either, but don't much want to get into them.
  • No, Former President Obama did not do a good job during his 2 terms as president of the United States. He allowed Iran to developed their nuclear program through the Iran nuclear deal, created a horrible health care system, used too much Executive power to make DACA, etc.
    1) Iran has ended their nuclear program, sold off all their nuclear material, and regularly gets inspected[1][2].
    2) These are the results of the ACA. 

    Due to Obamacare 28 million more people have health care (this alone saves 30,800 lives a year)[1]. Cut premiums by 30-50[9]. Costs have come in 209 billion less than originally estimated[2]. ACA has caused an 8 percentage point increase in early cancer detection[3], the number of people not getting recommended care has fallen by 33%[4]. The number of people struggling to afford bills has fallen by 14.6%[4]. 125,000 lives so far have been saved by lower hospital acquired conditions[5], hospital readmissions has decreased by 6%[6] Average yearly health care spending growth has fallen by 33%[8].

     Your ignorance gives us a pretty good clue about the worthiness of your opinion.


    [1] http://www.cnbc.com/2017/02/14/the-rate-of-uninsured-americans-hits-a-record-low-as-obamacares-future-remains-a-question-mark.html




    [5] http://www.thehealthcareloop.com/report-hospital-acquired-conditions-down-21-since-2010/





    [9] https://benjaminstudebaker.com/2017/03/25/whats-next-for-the-healthcare-debate-after-trumpcare/#more-3232

  • For a President to “do a good job” is a President who follows the oath of office sworn in on inauguration day (US Constitution):

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    If one was to read the US Constitution and the Federalist Papers one will be able to answer the question, “Did President Obama do a good job?”

  • When you're a Democrat it's hard to do a bad job in your terms.

    Even Bill did great minus the ending.
  • When you're a Democrat it's hard to do a bad job in your terms.

    Even Bill did great minus the ending.
  • He was feeble and impotent. Weeping leaders are no leaders at all. Stop crying and lead your people.
  • Obama did a bad job. He created DACA and ObamaCare. Both did not help America, but made it worse. With Trump, the GDP increased and the stock market increased as well.
  • CYDdhartaCYDdharta 1016 Pts
    edited January 2018
    Obama was one of the worst presidents in US history.  Corrupt and scandal-ridden, his domestic policies were ineffectual and his foreign policies were inept.

    The Obama administration was the source of a breath-taking number of scandals; even now, more scandals are coming to light.

    Obama's foreign policies were poorly thought-out.  He weakened the nation's position in the world.

    -  The hope of many was that Obama's rise to POTUS would finally heal race relations.  In reality, he only made them worse, much worse.

    Obama was great for the 1%ers, but horrible for everyone else.

    -  The economy was in poor shape when Obama came into office.  That's a bad situation for someone who was dubbed the most 'fiscally irresponsible' president in history.  He added more debt than nearly every other president combined and gave us the worst recovery since the Great Depression.

    Obama's 20,642 new regulations took over $100 billion annually out of the US economy.

    Obama's administration was horrible for small business start-ups.

    That's a short list of the blight that was the Obama years.  He sought to "fundamentally transform" our nation and unfortunately he almost successful.  Fortunately we have the chance to undo the damage Obama has done and a president with the courage to do it

  • The Obama presidency had 0 convictions compared to 16 for Bush, 1 for Clinton, 1 for the older Bush, 16 for Reagan and dozens for Nixon[1]. Cydhart is what we call a hack who thinks republicans being idiots is a scandal for Obama.
    ROTFL leave it to a racist douche to blame the black guy for republicans being racist scum.
    Oh no Cydhart is concern trolling about income inequality. Does he not realize we can read his past posts and we know he's being a troll?
    ROTFL Cydhart  proves he knows nothing about economics. He can't help it thought when you have to be an ignorant hack that's all you can be.
    Cydhart always cries about others being bias, here he is posting only the costs of regulations and excluding the benefits. Did he do this because he is 5 years old and can't use critical thinking or is he a lying dishonest hack?
    Lets see 100 billion for a cost of all regulations.
    150 billion saved from MPG rules[2]
    38 billion saved from carbon protection rule[3]
    20 billion PM regulation[4]
    23 billion from sulfer and NO regulation[4]
    28 billion from air transport , SO2[5]
    16 billion from toxic metals[6]
    110 billion from powerplans[7]
    50 billion from mercury[8]
    36 billion from energy efficency[9]
    9 billion from OSHA repetitive motion regulations[10]
    12 billion from regulations on hospital acquired conditions[11]
    17 billion from smog[12]

    I could go on for another 20,000 regulations but I already won this argument. 


  • VaulkVaulk 575 Pts
    edited January 2018
    While I don't think Obama's Presidency was the worst ever, it certainly wasn't the best. 

    1. Operation Fast & Furious: The Obama administration's ATF armed drug cartels and criminals through an incompetent operation that entailed using licensed gun dealers intentionally selling U.S. manufactured firearms to be transported across the southern border.  Even the Gun Dealers questioned the potential outcome of the operation but cooperated none-the-less. 

    The Result: The death of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent (Brian Terry); a gun was used in the Islamic terrorist attack in Garland, Tx; El Chapo obtained a .50 caliber rifle; Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress for attempting to cover it up.  (Then) President Obama also attempted to stonewall the investigation through executive order which was thrown out by a Federal Judge on the ground that the evidence the executive order was attempting to withhold had already been publicly revealed.

    2. Benghazi: Requests for additional security prior to the attack were denied and on September 11th, 2012 the U.S. Mission in Benghazi, Libya is attacked, a total of four Americans are murdered.  

    The Result: After 2 years of investigation the U.S. House of Representatives issue an 800 page report detailing that the Obama administration is at fault for the security lapse that resulted in the death of four Americans.

    3. IRS Targets Conservative Organizations: Director of the IRS EOU (Exempt Organizations Unit) admitted that Tea Party organizations were specifically and arbitrarily targeted by the IRS with excessive scrutiny.  

    The Result: Several organizations seeking Tax Exemptions were unjustly swamped with paperwork and audits, leaving them in IRS Limbo for over a year while investigations resulted in the uncovering of an "Enemies of the White House" list at the IRS.  

    4. The NSA Conducted mass surveillance against American citizens without a Warrant, violating the 4th amendment of the Constitution.

    The Result: Honestly we'll never know as we only found out because of Edward Snowden.

    5.  The Obama administration paid ransom to Iran for American hostages and then lied to the public about it.

    The Result: The American people believed the 1.7 billion we paid to Iran was to settle a failed arms deal with the previous Iranian regime.  On a completely unrelated note, we received four American hostages from Iran and those details were intentionally withheld from Congress.  Because "We don't negotiate with terrorists"!

    6. Hillary's email scandal: Speaking from personal experience, if anyone other than someone of Hillary's position had done something even remotely close to holding classified documents on a private email server...they'd be locked away in Levenworth.  Just to give you some perspective, my Battalion S2 shop (Intelligence group) was made up of about eight service members.  One day one of those lower enlisted service members decided to plug a thumb drive into a computer, download a classified file and transfer it onto another computer.  The reasoning was that the file couldn't be emailed (Because it was classified) but the only copy was on this specific computer.  So the soldier got creative and transferred it with his thumb drive.  Fast forward about 16 hours and this Soldier is now in handcuffs, the Military Police are swarming our Battalion headquarters with higher S2 agencies who have taken ALL the computers in our ENTIRE Battalion (Around 25) for evidence.  This service member was ultimately stripped of his secret security clearance, administratively punished (Reduction in rank, pay, restriction to post, extra duty) and in the end...discharged with an "Other than honorable discharge" from the Army.  Oh and the file was a weather report for the following seven days along with a daily schedule written for our Intelligence shop that outlined the following week's priorities...but it was labeled "Classified".

    The Result: No one trusts Hillary Clinton most importantly and her scandal is a direct reflection upon the Obama administration.

    7.  The GSA Scandal: The General Services Administration was caught in 2012 spending $823,000.00 on a conference in Las Vegas.  

    The Result: Former Senior Executive Jeffrey Neely is facing five counts of Fraud after being indicted by a Federal Grand Jury.  Several other executives have been forcefully retired and now...the American people have no reason to trust that the Government isn't wasting their money.

    8. Obama's Hezbollah Scandal: Except it wasn't a scandal because almost no one has heard of it.  

    The Result: Well I doubt anyone would believe it but essentially, because Hezbollah was running a money laundering scheme and moving cocaine to the U.S. under an Iranian proxy...Obama had them left alone, which would be supporting Hezbollah in order to maintain a relationship with Iran.

    And now for some honorable mentions that didn't make the list:

    a. The soon to be de-classified, 4-page memo detailing the systematic abuse and misuse of Federal Law Enforcement agencies to undermine a presidential campaign.
    b. Obamacare - "Keep your old plan if you liked it".
    c. The Pigford Scandal
    d. The VA Death List Scandal
    e. The Solyndra Scandal
    f.  Secret Service Gone Wild Scandal
    g. The Uranium One Scandal

    So did Obama do a good job?  I don't personally think so but I'm just one guy who has an opinion.

    "If there's no such thing as a stupid question then what kind of questions do stupid people ask"?

    "There's going to be a special place in Hell for people who spread lies through the veil of logical fallacies disguised as rational argument".

    "Oh, you don't like my sarcasm?  Well I don't much appreciate your stupid".

  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 1257 Pts
    My short assessment of various activities he did is as follows:
    • Domestic social policies: More good than bad.
    • Domestic economical policies: More bad than good.
    • Domestic bipartisan policies: Okay.
    • Foreign economical policies: Very good.
    • Foreign social/diplomatic policies: Horrible.
    • Humanitarian influence: Good.
    • Spiritual national influence: Amazing.
    Overall: pretty average president, definitely below the stellar previous Democratic president, Bill Clinton. Probably a bit worse than Trump, although the competition is very close. Obama is the example of a very intelligent, smart, educated person who simply is not a great politician, as is often the case.
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