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Is cloning animals ethical?

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Position: For
February 2018 Tournament | Round 1 - Debate 2
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    6 votes
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    2. No

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Debate Type: Traditional Debate

Voting Format: Casual Voting

Opponent: Ampersand

Rounds: 3

Time Per Round: 24 Hours Per Round

Voting Period: 24 Hours


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  • Round 1 | Position: For
    islander507islander507 194 Pts   -  
    Cloning animals raises many concerns, but I will argue that it's an ethical thing to do.

    There are many useful applications:

    the cloning of animals with genes that make their milk or meat healthier for con- sumers, or the cloning of animals that are disease-resistant or reduce the enviromental burden. Scientists are working on cloning goats with less fatty milk, chickens with no feathers to reduce the environmental costs of poultry farming, and pigs whose manure has less phosphorus and helps reduce environmental pol- lution (Thomas 2003). At Texas A&M University, scientists have cloned cows resistant to brucellosis (Phillips 2002).

    There is no proof that animals have morality, and therefore it's ethical to clone them.

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