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Talks with North Korea must lead to ending nuclear program
in Politics

Do you agree with Pres Trump that we should focus our discussions with North Korea on end of Nuclear program? I agree with him, that's the main goal and we should make it clear.

Having NK now to be open to talks with the US is already good progress.
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    Talks with North Korea must lead to ending nuclear program

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  • North Korea is concerned about new sanctions that Trump is planning against them and now want to talk. We need to tell them to stop their Nukes program if they want to talk to us 
  • North Korea should stop its nuclear program. The US, South Korea, and Japan should begin talks with North Korea to stop their nuclear program.
  • The U.S.A. has a stockpile of approximately 6500 nuclear warheads and to this day remains the only nation to have used such weapons in military combat.

    Worldwide there are estimated to be another 8000  to 10000 warheads in existence.

    South Korea had it's own secretive nuclear research programme in the early part of this century and still maintains the capability to assemble a nuclear device.

    How then are we so righteous?  

    That we can assume the authority to deny the independent sovereign state of North Korea the right to develop it's own nuclear research and defence programme.
  • Making the main goal the end of North Korea's nuclear program is infeasible.

    North Korea will hardly agree for continued and sustained negotiations with the United States if it has to give up nuclear weapons at the end. Since President Bush labelled North Korea along with Iran and Iraq as part of the "Axis of Evil" in the 2002 State of Union address, North Korea has perceived nuclear weapons as the most important form of security deterrent. For regimes without nuclear weapons, including Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq or Gaddafi's regime in Libya, United States launched invasions against them. This sends a clear message to regimes like North Korea that if they give up nuclear weapons, they will face a similar fate of being invaded. 

    That is why for purposes of regime survival and national security, North Korea will not give up nuclear weapons. The United States should not make this as the end goal of negotiations. Instead, the United States should pressure North Korea to openly restrain its outrageous behavior of launching long range missiles to areas around the Korean peninsula and Japan. The end goal of all negotiations should be push North Korea to be more integrated with the global community so that the regime will not see itself as antagonistic to the United States and perceive nuclear weapons as crucial to survival. 
  • North Korea’s nuclear program has to be stopped by the U.S., Japan, South Korea, etc. Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un May result in global peace with North Korea and a stop to their nuclear program.
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