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The best online Debate website -! The only Online Debate Website with Casual, Persuade Me, Formalish, and Formal Online Debate formats. We’re the Leading Online Debate website. Debate popular topics, Debate news, or Debate anything! Debate online for free!

Is social media poisonous to society?
in United States

By WilliamSchulzWilliamSchulz 244 Pts edited March 2018
For the purposes of this debate, I am currently holding the position that social media is harmful to today's society, in preparation for a debate competition held at my school in forthcoming weeks. Do you agree with this proposition? If not, persuade me otherwise. 
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A good debate is not judged by bias, but in the context of the debate, where objectivity is key and rationale prevalent. 

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  • Yes, EXTREMELY. You do not understand.

    I can understand why holocaust denial is censored and bannable, due to the sensitivity of the matter but if you are a flat earther and start to expose things or are a person of any extreme viewpoint, you can easily get censored.

    You are only allowed to make groups of things like that if you make it as 'entertainment' or 'philosophy' never tags like science or education, it will get taken down (not joking try it with creationism or flat earth or anything like exposing clinton OR EVEN TRUMP etc).

    Stop being a puppet, you're not voting for anything ultimately (but sure you voted the madman in this time)

    Stop being a sheep. Make a fake facebook with a fake name right now and completely delete (not deactivate delete) your facebook. < THIS IS A REAL LINK, IF YOU CLICK DELETE IT BEGINS THE PROCESS AND TAKES FEW MONTHS AND YOUR ENTIRE FOOTPRINT HAS TO BE LEGALLY WIPED (obviously it will show to FBI search and NSA see everything and record it before you can delete it anyway also it obviously still shows as a real account data to fb itself but not on the corporation searches of potential employees etc or advertisers).

    You are a sheep and believe me, the shepherds are not your friends.

    Al Gore is a f***ing tool and the idiot who ran against him were a perfect example of trump vs clinton. They make the global warming seem nice an sane and the other one a warmongerer but BOTH ARE INSANE WARMONGERS OF DIFFERENT FLAVOR (clinton's flavor would have been more suave I admit it).

    Listen to me, when you sign into Twitter, there is a PROGRAMMED (not lag, beyond the lag) RANDOM DELAY ranging in a matter of milliseconds usually in a range of 1 sec or 0.8 seconds. The intentional added delay on top of lag makes a randomness that the brain has to deal with before seeing the notification number which is a 'pleasure to see' but of course at times' sad to see. So the brain becomes addicted to the gamble.

  • @someone234

    This may have ground, but I think a key factor here is that social media is not always run by the government. I would consider social media to be harmful because of the way that society, companies, and other persons lie to each other or spread misled ideals, that are wrong in and post moment. Social media can adversely affect a person's mental health and certain corporations have admitted to attempting to exploit their users online, thus pointing to the harmful aspect of social media. Social media can be used for good, and it can be used properly, but that is overshadowed by the amount of people who exploit online tools to negatively affect society.
    A good debate is not judged by bias, but in the context of the debate, where objectivity is key and rationale prevalent. 

  • I believe social media is unhealthy. it's dangerous when it comes to communication. I'm a sixteen year old and i honestly say that when i get home all i do is go straight onto youtube, facebook, instagram and pinterest when i know that i need to revise because i have two moths left until i need to do my exams so i can get into college. 

    i also know how badly i want to meet new people and go out to see friends. although i sometimes avoid it because i'd rather stay home and live a life in front of a scree!!! that is so unhealthy for human health and survival, i know that seems over the top but humans are supposed to communicate face to face, its how we pick up signals and know we're loved but how are we supposed to know if we're being lied to or shown affection through a text message. it also show a coward because you'll always have someone calling you the worst names, and making somebody's life a living hell but would never ever say anything hurtful to your face in real life. 

    Now i know im talking about the internet in general but it all comes into play. as you can see my grammer is not the best as well as my spelling, when i was younger i used to read alllllllll the time and i could spell greatly and use punctuation, now i'm sixteen i've have realise how badly i've become at spelling and using grammer but i know why that is; i used to read a book in the time frame of a week or two now i read nothing except for a few text messages and a few quizzes on buzzfeed, WHAT.

    The other day i was in a resturant and obviously you see a few adults and teens on their phones and social media, i started looking around and i saw i child probably 4 or so in a high chair on their phone and he never looked up once and it blew my mind. i think phones are good if there is a chil who has special need problems and it distracts them because my autistic nephew uses a ohone and listens to music and it calms him staright down. but you can't deny there are children who are well who will throw a hissy fit if their phones are taken away. that's not how they should be living their childhood

    also childpredators are dangerous.

    i can safely agree with how social media and phones are poisonous and are ruining us slowly and our menatlity.
  • @Mousywithay

    I agree with what you are saying here, admittedly, I have not been reading as much as I have wanted to, I usually read one book every 2 months whereas I used to read a book a week. Some of it is to blame for school, but there is something to be said for free time where I feel as if I would be more entertained by a screen. I also agree that giving a child a phone at an early age teaches them bad habits and does not develop their mindset into one centered in relationships and social life. That said, I do think social media can have its pluses, as it is used frequently to access information quickly, to talk to people when face to face is not possible, and to use for schoolwork. However, I feel as if so many people have phones that it is impossible to have a worthwhile talk face to face, because in real communication, there are no smiling emojis. I also don't have a phone, which may explain my views, but if we were to give children phones, we would have to (1) set a limit and (2) have them show maturity in using the device properly.  
    A good debate is not judged by bias, but in the context of the debate, where objectivity is key and rationale prevalent. 

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