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What current musicians will stand the test of time?

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Now a days it seems that musicians and their music don't last very long, in the sense that they are forgotten very easily. They have a few hits and then everyone forgets about them and we don't hear from them again. I am wondering if any of today's bands or musicians will last as long as ACDC, Guns n' Roses, The police, Toto, etc. 

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  • whiteflamewhiteflame 689 Pts   -  
    It's always difficult to assess the future potential of any person, let alone their potential to keep the masses entertained with any kind of continuity over a decent length of time. We have to estimate based on past success, and in doing so, we are assuming that the future will hold similar successes. Still, I feel like there are some artists that will likely stand the test of time, at least to a degree.

    I'd say that Beyonce and Adele have pretty strong and lasting appeal. If I were to put bets on anyone, it would be those two.

    But there is a slew of others I wouldn't count out, though I'm sure not all of them are going to remain the powerhouses they are today. Drake, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Katie Perry, Kanye West, Sia, Lady Gaga, Jay Z, and Rihanna are huge names that are practically certain to stay relevant throughout the decade and may move well beyond that.

    However, as I said at the start, it's really difficult to predict who will stand the test of time. If you would have asked me in the early 90's if I thought Guns N' Roses would make it beyond the decade, I would have said you were crazy, particularly after that terrible breakup with Slash. Lynyrd Skynyrd would have topped my list of bands that would have been massively relevant over several decades if not for the plane crash in 1977. I think all of the bands/musicians I've mentioned above will be regarded well for decades, as well as many others that I didn't include (disclaimer: I'm not a fan of most of these personally, though I do recognize their importance), but whether they'll last is another story entirely.
  • FredsnephewFredsnephew 330 Pts   -  
    A good musician will last a life time.

    What you are referring to is media fame and mainstream adulation. Let's be honest AC DC, Guns N' Roses, The Police and Toto no longer fall into this category, but are still able to draw large audiences from their extensive fan base. People don't forget about quality musicians, they just don't shout quite as loudly about them.

  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4676 Pts   -  
    I do not know much about popular music, but the styles I am interested in (Blues and Jazz) are blossoming and are at their all time peak, in my opinion. Such musicians as Herbie Hancock, Marcus Miller, Pat Metheny or John Scofield are very likely to be vividly remembered 50 years from now. Of course, Miles Davis' success probably will not be repeated by anyone any time soon - but people like Miles Davis appear once in many lifetimes in a given field. You could say he is to music what Einstein was to science.
  • Polaris95Polaris95 147 Pts   -  
    Out of all EDM (electronic dance music) artists, I think the one that's going to last longest is probably Avicii. His melodies were far ahead of anybody else's and he reached a high level of recognition outside of the EDM world too. A pop artist I hope gets a reappraisal is Lorde. While I liked Royals, she has lots of other less well-known songs that are better. Greenlight is perfect pop music. I also have a soft spot for Katy Perry's older music (Teenage Dream, Hot n' Cold, Firework, etc.), so I hope that sticks around.
  • someone234someone234 647 Pts   -   edited August 2018
    I can name you five current rappers whose legacies will never ever die as long as humanity remains alive and isn't deaf:

    Chris Webby, Nicki Minaj, Hopsin, Eminem and Vinnie Paz.

    I have done in-depth research into the rap industry and quality of raps (as well as quantity) and can promise you these 5 are never going to die out. They revolutionised what it means to rap each in their own way.
  • Polaris95Polaris95 147 Pts   -  
    Since I'm not a fan of rap, I haven't heard of Hopsin or Vinnie Paz. But Eminem is a true rap legend (or Rap God, am I right). Webby is pretty good, though I don't listen to him much. Nicki is great on some songs, and her flow is undeniably good, but her latest songs have either been too slow (which fits Cardi B better than Nicki), or just plain boring.
  • someone234someone234 647 Pts   -   edited August 2018
    @Polaris95 Fame at present isn't what leads to being undying. I am referring to longevity meaning in the year 4020, people who are into rap will bring up the 5 I spoke of due to how unique their style of rap is and how it explored a way of rapping and keeping fans each in their own way that succeeded so well.
  • piloteerpiloteer 1531 Pts   -   edited October 2018
    The music industry has seen an insanely dramatic change in the last 20 years. We no longer buy albums, we get them for free on youtube. If musicians can't make albums that are profitable, or they can't make music that could be in a car commercial, it will be difficult for them to achieve lasting power without being overtly commercialized. Gone are the days of music icons. And as far as I'm concerned, good riddance to them. Keep music fresh! 
  • piloteerpiloteer 1531 Pts   -  

    LCDsoundsystem an Aphex twin got EDM on lockdown!
  • Polaris95Polaris95 147 Pts   -  

    Sorry, but Africa is a complete classic.
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