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Fake news

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Is corporate media's greed or the American public's gullibility to blame for the proliferation of fake news?

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  • joecavalryjoecavalry 430 Pts   -  
    The media is to blame for fake news. This is due to them taking a byast view on almost every news report and feeding this byast information to the American people.
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • BaconToesBaconToes 236 Pts   -  
    The media is to blame for fake news. This is due to them taking a byast view on almost every news report and feeding this byast information to the American people.
    When did "the media" became one entity? 
    Really, it is impossible to be 100% objective. 
    The only popular biased "media" I know of is CNN and Fox News.
    BBC is not that bad.
    i fart cows
  • drodgersdrodgers 35 Pts   -  
    Fake news rose with the death of journalists.  Almost all "news" people now are opinionists, not journalists.

    All media outlets now give their spin on a story and thus fake news.

    If we could get journalists back, people who would return to the time honored tradition of reporting the facts and letting the audience make their own decisions and draw their own conclusions, we'd be able to say sayonara to fake news.

    Unfortunately, as long as media outlets and opinionists continue to tell us what to think and how to consume information, we'll be saddled with fake news.
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4991 Pts   -  
    The mention of professional writers perpetuating unverified stories in order to promote their agenda goes as far back as to Cicero's times, who mocked people's gullibility for believing in whatever they want to believe, and writers' imagination in making stories up. It has always been the case that one's biases made them treat different news differently, and the journalists who did not let this flaw get in the way of their professional work have never been abundant. The abundance of dishonest journalists is not a novelty, it is simply more easily spotted in the age of mass media and the Internet, when thousands of stories, true or false, are merely a few clicks away.

    Who, or what, is to blame? I would say human nature.
  • yolostideyolostide 95 Pts   -  
    Some media companies are extremely byast (CNN, MSNBC, etc.). This is due to their dislike of Trump and republicans. 
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