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Does multiculturism divide or unite?
in Politics

Just curious. It seems to me that these countries with large migration policies, just have foreign groups tribalize into their own neighborhoods and voting blocs against the home country.
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  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 1257 Pts
    Multiculturalism refers to the idea that different cultures can inhabit the same territory and interact positively and productively. Politics of multiculturalism as opposed to the politics of assimilation means that the largest priority is given to preservation of the original cultural identity of the arrivals, as opposed to melting all cultures in the same pot to produce a uniform culture.

    Is it a divider or a uniter? In itself, it is neither. Multiculturalism simply defines how different cultures predominantly interact with each other; in the end, whether it divides or unites people depends on how people respond to it.

    For example, in a country where the population responds well to multiculturalism, different cultures can coexist just fine and enrich each other. If the new arrivals' cultural traits are respected, even if they differ strongly from those dominant in the society, and if the arrivals respond with the same treatment, then multiculturalism is as good for uniting people as assimilation is.

    On the other hand, if one of the two interacting cultures cannot stand the other culture, or cannot stand the very idea of peacefully coexisting with another culture, them multiculturalism will lead to animosity and division. For example, you definitely do not want to build a city on the Korean border where both South Koreans and North Koreans will live together; it is likely to result in a slaughter. 
    Assimilation policy can lead to a similar result, if the culture resists assimilation and fights back: it will feel that the policy encroaches on its territory and will advocate for the opposite policy - again, leading to division.

    Ultimately, it is not as much about what immigration policies are enforced, as it is about how people feel towards each other.
  • @MayCaesar

    So what's the logic for a resonse to the Quran saying unbelievers must die?
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