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Trump and Kim See New Chapter for Nations After Summit

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  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4991 Pts   -  
    The day when the president of the US bends over to the worst dictator on the planet and promises all kinds of concessions (Trump: "We will stop the joint military maneuvers with South Korea." South Korea: "Wait, what?") in return for the dictator merely relinquishing one of his many weapons - is the day I hoped I would never see. Compare it to Reagan, who made such demands of the Soviet Union as relinquishing its grip on half the Europe, releasing all political prisoners, guaranteeing everyone full human rights - in return promising merely easing out on sanctions. Not to mention that Reagan negotiated with the world's second superpower, not with a backwater nation that is only of any interest to anyone due to its childish character of making empty threats all the time.

    This summit is as unsuccessful as it could possibly be. Trump is repeating the same mistakes Bush and Obama made, who tried to play nice with dictators and ultimately regretted it dearly.
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