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Does Multiculturalism Work?
in Politics

Before I begin let me clarify. I am using the term multicultural interchangeably with multiracial. 

I would like to have a debate regarding multiculturalism and whether or not it works, especially in Western societies like the US and Europe. I'll start of the debate by saying that I do not believe multiculturalism can work and that homogeneity is far better for societies and the people within them. Multiculturalism causes far too many problems that far from outweigh its supposed benefits. It destroys diversity in both a biological and cultural sense, increases violence and racial tensions, and usually puts one or more groups at a disadvantage by attempting to integrate them into a nation built by and for a very different people. Since this is just my opening statement, I'll leave it there, but multiculturalism does come with far more issues than this. Before I close let me say I hope to have an interesting and engaging debate on this topic. I realize this is a controversial topic, and it can get quite heated, but please refrain from insults, name-calling, ect. 

One last thing. I do not take this position because I hate other races or because I am a "racist." I take this position because I of the problems multiculturalism seems to cause in Western society. I believe that continuing on this multicultural path could lead to the downfall of the West and possibly even endanger whites as a whole. 
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