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Larger Government VS Smaller Government?
in Politics

By joecavalryjoecavalry 425 Pts
Do you believe that the United States Government should be larger or smaller?
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  • I say this with the utmost lack of irony, I believe it should always be medium. Too little is lazy government, too much is a government choked by bureaucracy. 
  • Ideally, I think it should just be a tiny group of elected people existing on voluntary donations, rather than taxes, and their only job being protection of human rights in the society - as far as the federal government goes. The local governments should also be small and should have the same function, but, I suppose, they can be allowed to collect small taxes in order to maintain themselves and to be able to organize the services needed to fulfill their main function.

    Realistically, I would say that what the Founding Fathers created was the best system this planet has ever seen, rivaled maybe only by modern Switzerland. Extreme decentralization, somewhat strong local governments and a pretty weak federal government. Unfortunately, Lincoln, Wilson, Roosevelt and Bush Jr. used national emergencies to expand the influence of the central government, and now we have this monstrosity that drains people's wallets and barely gets anything done, with regulations everywhere that do nothing but complicate paperwork and justify the existence of hundreds thousands taxpayer-funded bureaucrats.

    That said, it is still better than what the vast majority of other countries demonstrate.
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