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eucharistic 'miracles' should be presumed false
in Politics

By linatelinate 40 Pts
eucharist by catholics is where the bread and wine is said to turn into Jesus' body and blood. they have some purported 'miracles' where the bread actually turns into real blood. they have done tests and they say the blood type is often the same for many of them. the thing is, if these are real and they are willing to do blood tests, all they have to do is do DNA tests to foreclose all doubt. if these are real, the dna from one site would match the other,and would come from someone two thousand years ago in the middle east. but they won't do this simple test. that means we should presume they are not real. 

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  • Well, technically, all stable physical objects consist of the same particles: electrons, protons and neutrons. So, in theory, it is not impossible for a loaf of bread or a cup of wine to turn into the matter equal to Jesus of Nazareth's blood cells and body composition.

    It is another matter that, generally, the energy required for such transformations, as well as the complexity of the technology needed for that, is extraordinarily high. If they know a method to do so through a few words of prayer or a strong faith in something, then they could easily get a Nobel prize by simply describing their method in a reputable scientific journal. So they are missing a great opportunity here!
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