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Marvel or DC - Who would win in a battle?

Debate Information

Here are the characters I have in mind:
Captain America
Iron Man
Black Widdow
(The OG's...)

Wonder Woman

Oh, and we're talkin' MCU and DCEU.
Let's take the newest versions of the character's currently existing. So Avengers from infinity war, and Justice League from the newest only Justice League film.

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  • someone234someone234 644 Pts   -  
    The only OG you mentioned in Marvel is Hulk, the rest are not OG you are just new to comics.
  • WordsMatterWordsMatter 488 Pts   -  
    I know absolutely nothing about DC or MC, but I loved the Justice league cartoon as a kid so I say DC. I know so little I had to scroll up to figure out of the Justice league was DC or MC.
  • PieterPieter 40 Pts   -  
    @someone234, no can do.

    All of them are considered OGs. If you would but do as much as take the time to Google the definition of 'OG' you would have found that it meant "OG used to mean Original Gangster allthough some poeple these days use OG as a quicker way of saying Original"

    In that case, all of them are 'OGs'
  • PieterPieter 40 Pts   -  
    @WordsMatter, haha well if we were to go on personal taste, then I beg to disagree. I prefer Marvel over DC. I am not quite sure who would win in a battle though. DC has some tough heroes. Especially in the comics.
  • someone234someone234 644 Pts   -  
    @Pieter only hulk is OG
  • General_SmileyGeneral_Smiley 35 Pts   -  
    DCEU is a stomp. Superman could basically Solo all of them, but just of the sake of argument, for sake of will add Wonderwoman and Aquaman.  

    I will start off with Superman. We have Superman take some full force punches that are harder than basically anything we have seen Hulk intentionally take. Secondly, we already know that Superman is insanely fast. In fact, he flew from the fortress of solitude to Africa in approx 9 seconds. So a case of a speed blitz is definitely possible. 

    Additionally, we had a news clipping in BvS shows that Superman Pushed 2 tectonic plates away from each other saving a very large earthquake. It would be equivalent to multiple 24 quintillion tons, but hey that is pre-Ressurection supes. Resurrection supes gets an insane amp. And is way stronger. 

    He also totally destroyed Stephen Wolf who is a New God and is stronger than the rest of the justice league to handle. It is also stated that He is massively hypersonic. Whenever Superman came in he took him out rather quickly.

    Also, we saw that he took on the rest of the Justice League and demolished them while seeing the flash move which is really quick. 

    I think Superman could take them all on but for the sake of not losing the debate I want Aquaman and Wonder Woman. 
  • SuperSith89SuperSith89 165 Pts   -  
    @someone234 As the OP said, the OG MCU team, not comics team.  Otherwise Marvel has a fighting chance.  
  • SuperSith89SuperSith89 165 Pts   -  
    This does not reflect on who I like better.  MCU is far better, but when it comes to a physical fight with them, DCEU will win nearly every time.  Superman alone is a powerhouse.  The only one who could stand against him is post-Ragnarok Thor.  More specifically, pre-Endgame Thor where he just got Stormbreaker.  With that Thor, who with Stormbreaker literally deflects the entire blast from six stones, you may be able to take on most of the JL.  Otherwise, they wipe the floor.  None of the other Avengers, even Hulk, will be able to kill even the weakest, Batman.    
  • 대왕광개토대왕광개토 231 Pts   -  
    MCU team doesn't stand a chance of beating DCEU team. Wonder Woman can easily dodge a bullet, and both Superman and Flash are way faster than her. In Avengers 2, Quicksilver was able to outspeed all Avengers(maybe except Ironman). Considering the fact that Quicksilver was able to outspeed gun's bullet only by little, Avengers would not have even a tiny chance of seeing and predicting the movements of Wonder Woman, Flash, and Superman.
  • Back it up buddy, there is no freakin possible way that SM could solo them all, that is just straight up ridiculous. While he is pretty tough, Thor or the Hulk could take him out. To give SM that muck credit is absurd, not to mention in my opinion Thor is stronger. @General_Smiley
  • Definitely the Avengers would win. The only amazingly tough character is Super Man, and lets be honest, while Super Man has taken harder hits in some cases, nobody thinks The Hulk or The Incredible Hulk were canon, those movies sucked. Not to mention that the Hulk held his ground fairly decently for battling the strongest being in the universe (being Thanos in the opening scene for Avengers: Infinity War). Come back once you've done more research on the Avengers. @General_Smiley
  • ThorThor 101 Pts   -   edited December 2020

    DC would win.Superman would fight with captain America,superman would easily win it .Batman with Ironman.Flash would be defeated by Antman(exception).Captain Marvel would be easily defeated by Wonder Woman.And fight between Thor and Aquaman would be interesting,it would be tie.
    Overall,DC would win this battle,but I don’t think they would fight haha. :p

  • IdeaoftheEndlessIdeaoftheEndless 129 Pts   -   edited January 11
    That's a tough question, I think thor would defeat supes cause of Asgardian magic lightning and stuff since supes is typically not immune to magic, hulk is basically immortal and would have to be cut into pieces, blasted over and over and kept being destroyed  continuously just to be subdued but still would be able to keep coming back...he can only be temporarily one can actually defeat him permanently, you can defeat the hulk, sure but he just keeps coming back angrier and stronger each time...flash could time travel and defeat hulk before he becomes the hulk? However if we go by that argument he can probably defeat almost everyone...
    Except then it is just Thor vs Flash...Thor wins...the end...Marvel wins if you choose these characters for DC...

    Remember I only used the characters mentioned in the thread, DC has far more powerful characters than Marvel in general but you picked only these characters...
  • IdeaoftheEndlessIdeaoftheEndless 129 Pts   -   edited January 11
    DCEU is a stomp. Superman could basically Solo all of them
    Supes is not at all invulnerable to magic, Thor has powerful mystic over for Supes...

    DC has many powerful characters but the ones mentioned here are simply not as powerful...marvel could read my argument above...
  • IdeaoftheEndlessIdeaoftheEndless 129 Pts   -   edited January 11
    Thor said:

    DC would win.Superman 
    No, I don't get these silly Superman fan boys...don't you know Supes is not invulnerable to magic and Thor has got some crazy mystical Asgardian lightning which can totally stomp Supes...he loses...
  • ThorThor 101 Pts   -  
    Thor said:

    DC would win.Superman 
    No, I don't get these silly Superman fan boys...don't you know Supes is not invulnerable to magic and Thor has got some crazy mystical Asgardian lightning which can totally stomp Supes...he loses...
    I am Thor fan as you can see already.But  I am not a superman fan, the fight between DC and Marvel characters could be compared, according to the stand, each character has in Avengers Endgame(Marvel) and Justice league(DC).

    So superman is regarded as powerful character by DC and also captain America by Marvel(and they are comparable as they are illustrated) in movies and in comics.So I would only compare the superheroes by the way they are presented, and also it would be real interesting fight.So I would not compare superman with Thor.

    So, thus superman would fight with captain America and etc as I wrote above.Thus, DC would win.

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