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The best online Debate website -! The only Online Debate Website with Casual, Persuade Me, Formalish, and Formal Online Debate formats. We’re the Leading Online Debate website. Debate popular topics, Debate news, or Debate anything! Debate online for free!

President Trump admits to being a nationalist, what say you?
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He can bugger off.

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  • Trump

    A patriot who has unending love for his country refers to himself as a "nationalist", now I ask you, what is so BAD about loving your country? Many times I can recall you complaining about the liberals who whine about the silliest of things, yet here you are complaining about the president calling himself an "nationalist"? I think you need to be the one to "bugger" off, no one wants to hear of your complaints.
    "Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God? " ~Epicurus

    "Americanism not Globalism, will be our credo." ~Donald Trump

    "A communist is like a crocodile" ~Winston Churchill
  • He did not say anything novel; the fact that he is a nationalist has been obvious for a long time now. Interestingly, he was not one in the past; if you listen to his interviews from 90-s, for example, then you will see a globalist, with maybe some slight mercantilist views. But nationalism was selling well in 2016, and still is selling well.

    I do not see him being nationalist as a major problem, however. He may be one, but his advisers are not. Him not knowing much about politics and economics as a whole is another matter. The tariffs and immigration bans are not signs of a bright statesman.

    Trump for Republicans is what Sanders is for Democrats: talented salesman selling a faulty product. Nationalist or not, socialist or not - their personal views do not really matter, next to what it is they actually do once in power.
  • It's a refreshing and welcome change of pace to finally have someone in the White House who wants the country to succeed.  For far too long, the Bush and Clinton political dynasties (with 0bama hoping to establish his own new one) have been vying for power at the expense of the American people.
  • What do I say?
    Because I don't care whether or not he admitted he was a nationalist because he never tried to hide that

    For the first time since 2009, the Carolina Hurricanes will be playing for the Stanley Cup! 

    Repealing the Second Amendment is the first step to Totalitarianism, and it needs to be prevented to protect our freedom
  • There is a common wisdom: when your leader declares themselves a nationalist, you are in trouble.

    Fun fact: soon after taking over, Russian president Vladimir Putin said, "I am a nationalist in the good sense of the word". A few years after, Russia was a full-on dictatorship.

    It will not happen in the US, but the fact that presidents and leading presidential candidates can openly admit to following awful anti-Western ideologies and not be immediately disqualified signifies a strong shift in the collective consciousness. We have socialists on one side and nationalists on the other side. And old good classical liberals, that made this country what it is in the first place, seem to be slowly fading away. This is not a good sign, and I hope these trends are temporary.
  • Is that a bad thing though?
    Sovereignty for Kekistan
  • I don't think he is actually, I think he's just playing his fan base... But then, as Einstein said : “Nationalism is an infantile thing. It is the measles of mankind.”, and Trump is a petulant child so he could be in some way... He's certainly not a patriot though, he loves himself too much for that...
    " Adversus absurdum, contumaciter ac ridens! "
  • Nationalism, in some retrospect, is a good thing, even refreshing. Now there are cases where nationalism is taken too extreme, *cough Nazi Germany cough*, but that is not the case with President Trump. Now, whether he is doing this as a facade is up for debate. Regardless, he is doing exactly what the country wants and needs him to do, rather than pander to the people who could honestly care less.
  • @jonesd17 ;

    Nationalism is about arbitrary division of people into groups and assigning oneself to one of the groups, proclaiming that the group's interests is their interests. It is a logical fallacy.

    For some reason, I am supposed to think that, just because I live in the US, I have more in common with some Californian guy 2,000 miles away from me, than with some guy from Toronto 300 miles away. It is a fallacy similar to racism, where just because I am white and someone else is also white, the assumption is that we form some meaningful group - even if the skin color is the only similarity between us, and we are polar opposite with regards to everything else.

    It is not a good thing. One can work for the benefit of their country without believing that their country is somehow more important than other countries. Nationalism is a form of collective submission, not free collaboration.
  • It amazes me to see people watch Trump have secret meetings with Putin and Kim and the Saudi killer, and they just shrug it off. Then watch and listen as he tells (conservatively), 8000+ lies … blatant lies, and they still honor him. If Obama had done ANY of those things the "do nothing Congress" would have done A LOT. (Like a lynching …. by very nice people) … maybe??
    A couple of parts of the economy LOOK good. Jobs and Wall Street, that's about it. Can YOU keep your house? Buy a car? Send your kids to college? Afford GOOD health insurance? Put some money away every month? If you can, consider yourself one of the rich or fortunate, because you are in the minority. THAT is NOT a good economy. That is not what a good President OR Party would allow while watching it expand and spending $Billions on an ineffective wall. 

    He can't fill vacancies in his cabinet, (nobody with qualifications want to work for him), won't fill vacancies where judges are needed to handle the immigration problem. He doesn't give a damn about our National Parks, wildlife, water or air …. just money for those who don't really need it and are still "socking it away" in foreign banks or buying back their own stock to make it more valuable.

    He gives more credence to dictators than to our own experts, intelligence or military, our own scientists, our own doctors, our own PEOPLE. He controls his base (1/3) while ignoring the majority (2/3) of the country's wishes. 
    Yep. He's a great patriot ……….. ????????????? He's going to "make America great again"??? :-(
  • @jonesd17 ;

    -"Regardless, he is doing exactly what the country wants and needs him to do, rather than pander to the people who could honestly care less."

    What the country wants? Really?  In 2016 the country probably wanted anyone but Clinton, I can probably give you that... But she nonetheless got more votes than Trump so even that is debatable... 

    So, Trump's agenda is actually what less than half of the country wanted... Not to say he didn't win because he obviously did, but saying it was what "The country" wanted, you are saying that more than half of the voters are not part of the country... Are you prepared to say the same when the democrats take back the white house in 2020? Let's say that, hypothetically, the dems win with the Green New Deal, single payer healthcare and marginal tax rates at 70% for households earning 5M and more in its platform, will you agree that it'll really be what "the country" wants and needs? If it's good for one, it should be good for everyone right?

    " Adversus absurdum, contumaciter ac ridens! "
  • Not the slightest bothered. The president loves his country and cares about his people, and I'm sayin this as a non-Trump supporter. I'm not biased, I don't hate or oppose the president, I view him as a good man, Obama didn't care about America. Trump did. All that dude ever did was "bow" down to his opponents, and brought about a huge percent of unemployment, not to mention he never came to Chicago to help the people. Trump helped to bring jobs for us blacks and also hispanics, that really surprised me that he could achieve such a thing. He is a bold leader, that's somethin I admire very much. America always needed a bold leader, and now we got one. I'm not mad that I voted for him back in 2016, he did a good job, and I look forward to votin for him again in 2020 if he runs again. I don't see anything bad in him callin himself a "nationalist". As @George_Horse said from before: 
    A patriot who has unending love for his country refers to himself as a "nationalist", now I ask you, what is so BAD about loving your country?
    This is truth. Exactly what is bad about caring for your own country? The land that has given you much opportunity, a land that you strongly love. Trump is not a "Adolf Hitler" he is a man with balls who is willing to do anything to help his people and his country. If he likes to call himself a "nationalist" he may do so, its his freedom of speech. And yes there are many who mock him, hate him, but he could care less, he sure is brave! So that's what I have to say. 
    “Communism is evil. Its driving forces are the deadly sins of envy and hatred.” ~Peter Drucker 

    "It's not a gun control problem, it's a cultural control problem."
    Bob Barr
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