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Marriage is between a consenting man, and a consenting woman.
in Politics

By SitaraSitara 17 Pts
Change my mind.
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    Is marriage between a man, and a woman?

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  • The very way you phrased it begs for a generalization: "Marriage is between two consenting individuals". The introduction of genders into this sentence seems forced and artificial, and not backed by any particular logical reasoning.
  • @MayCaesar A consenting man and a consenting woman. That is marriage.
  • @Sitara

    It seems most developed countries disagree.
  • edited October 2018
    Yes, especially if that consenting man wants to risk losing his money, property, potential his children, basically if a coin flips the wrong way. Part of why me along with many others haven't and never will marry.
    Retired DebateIslander. I no longer come here actively, and many of the things that I may have posted in the past (Such as belief in the flat Earth theory) do not reflect on my current views.

  • @SilverishGoldNova have you ever got the question "Do you think maybe you're too young"?
  • Marriage is, according to the dictionary "he legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship " The biblical definition is not relevant in America, or most countries because most of them DO NOT have a national religion. Therefore marry whomever you want.
  • There is an act of public plagiarizing which is taking place with a cost placed on this likely-hood of Marriage. The test being made is to discover powers of separation of church and state, to create a united state that can be witnessed by law for the concerns of the public welfare can take efforts with a price. The issue of human creation is not strictly religious by legislation as science has proven it can create a living person by donation and experimentation.

    Those people of same gender cannot create a citizen of a nation on their own accord, with those people they share liberty with in union before society. Two men, or two woman for that matter have always had the power to set private unions, partnerships with the use of law. The issue is and has always been that a group plagiarizes historic efforts of a process to suit personal need can places others in peril in connection to legal documents. This type of organized plagiarizing can be established as perjury. Though often swiftest with the use of admission or confession to the court.

    The seriousness of this crime is highlighted by the possible loss of a United State Constitutional right to cast public vote. A common defense to this kind of sabotage is the introduction of impartial witness accounts of events by their hosts. Not witness. Such impartial observations might be verbalized as Binivir, Unosmulier, Mulierfemina, and VirMulier.

    It can be proven there is a legal obligation to unite in Marriage, or Holy Matrimony only with some-one you are willing, and can in fact naturally conceive child with. There was a strong warning to what a witness can be directed to observe by state licensed legal counsel.

  • Or in the US, a man and a man, a woman and a woman, a snowflake and a snowflake, and finally, an attack helicopter and an attack helicopter.
    Sovereignty for Kekistan
  • In the U.S.? You do understand what a united State is correct? Do you expect to interpret a United State as only a place, and not a sustainable, impartial, and common welfare witnessed account? United State. Yes, in a criminal way it is correct the act of organized crime, united state, can be formed by using marriage, plagiarizing, then interpreted outside of its original likely-hood for credit. The deeds of the intellectual mind. Don’t tread on me. In this instance money in the form of tax incentive, and medical insurance coverage can be used as a way of payment.

    As a united state a man cannot be legally married to a man. The same as in a united state a woman cannot be legally married to another woman. Marriage is a likely-hood that is publicly witnessed, what a witness can describe is the series of observable events that take place. Not the shared idea of goal that event wish to live up to. Holy Matrimony, marriage, and civil union can all be describes as similar in multiple words as a single state, or definition.

    Even though words are free and can be humanly fabricated united. Binivir, UnosMulier, VirMulier, and Mulierfemina can be proven in a court of law as an impartial witness account forming a legal purpose of state.

  • @Sitara

    You're assertion is based only on tradition, not public sentiment. Tradition means nothing in the realm of public sentiment. It seems to me like you've challenged us to change your mind on an issue that you had no intention of changing your mind about.
  • No piloteer.

     A witness is basing an observation on its legal precedent that at one time was tested to Insure common defense to the general welfare, common welfare as the detail did not plagiarized public definition on wording, this plagiarizing in a complex united state that besides impartiality included a method to single out creation of citizenship by creation of a person.

    Marriage does not need be consenting as the witness does not actual have control over what is being asked to be identified by the public who is instructed to look, observe, document at request. Marriage by law only need be true. Is a man and woman seen together in a way that can be described as affectionate, Constitutional Precedent has already taken shape by court of law by civil union, and common law marriage, as among other details public affections directed to a union of couples of opposite sex gives cause to believe procreation. At some point may occur.

    One basic Constitutional principle ignored by accusation of discrimination is status of citizenship not just of worlds immigrating/migration of people to a nation from another land and border, but those who are created by the use of the natural process of birth. Marriage describes consent by a woman to a man for acts of human reproduction.

    It should be noted that science has now included DNA and donations of reproductive specimens to the mix of marriage Identification of couples as a common defense. Without a witness account in donor sperm and egg such as marriage a medical child growing in society may grow to fall in love with a sibling, or relative without their knowledge. While the lack of witness wording gives an impression the burden of parenting a child should not be share equal with the creator of child by intelligence alone.

  • @ Sitara

    Consent is an interesting way to address the issue of united state for arrange marriage, however I am not sure it is a wise condition to formulate a untied state constitutional right as impartial public witness separation. I look forward to reading more public input as it is this type of filed grievance which may help form a clear united state overall to set constitutional right upon.

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