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How important is salvation?
in Religion

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  • Salvation from what? My life is going pretty awesome, and there is nothing to "salve" me from. ;)

    Well, Jesus could provide salvation from my debts, I suppose, paying them off for me. That would be nice. But aside from that, I am good without any salvation, thanks.
  • @MayCaesar ;

    "My life is going pretty awesome"

    until you die...

    in which case, what is going to happen to you??????
  • @anonymousdebater

    When I die, my organism simply stops functioning, and that is it. I am perfectly content with it; all organisms stop functioning eventually, and mine is no exception.

    When it gets close to it, I will start worrying about how to go down gracefully. Chances are though, I still have, at least, half a century in store for me, or maybe much more (depending on how the medical sciences progress in the nearest future), so it is not something relevant as of now.
  • @anonymousdebater probably something very similar to before you are born. Which I don't remember that being bad at all so how could death be bad? 
  • @MayCaesar ;

    It all depends on what you think happens after death. There are several options concerning this:

    Nothingness - Your consciousness ceases at death.
    Reincarnation - Your consciousness is reincarnated into another being.
    Afterlife - Your consciousness goes into another realm (for example, heaven or hell).

    If there is nothing after death, then there is not much to worry about death aside from the fact that you miss out on some things you could have done while alive.
    If either reincarnation or afterlife is true, then you have to think about death much more seriously, because there are significant (possibly eternal) consequences.
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