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Liberals support rape culture, prove me wrong.
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  • @YeshuaBought, Define "rape culture" 
  • Islam supports rape cultere, but liberals are just trying to cover it up by calling critics islamipohic 

    For the first time since 2009, the Carolina Hurricanes will be playing for the Stanley Cup! 

    Repealing the Second Amendment is the first step to Totalitarianism, and it needs to be prevented to protect our freedom
  • @JackNewton
    ”Rape Culture” is a fake term thought up by liberals. It is defined as “a society or environment whose prevailing social attitudes have the effect of normalizing or trivializing sexual assault and abuse.”
    Sovereignty for Kekistan
  • @AmericanFurryBoy in that case rape culture in the western world doesnt exist, we dont condone or normalize rape.
    silly liberals.
  • @JackNewton
    My point exactly
    Sovereignty for Kekistan
  • @AmericanFurryBoy Brock Turner? 
  • There is a culture of sexual taboos, which was somewhat relaxed after the success of the hippie movement, but still is extremely prevalent. People are afraid to discuss/watch anything related to sexual elements. Naked breasts in a Hollywood movie or a video game produce countless negative reactions; on the other end, a lack of sexual minority representation in some movies/games also produces negative reactions. People are simultaneously both afraid of exposure to sexual topics, and afraid of lack of that exposure.

    Rape culture? No, there is the exact opposite culture overall. A culture where the concept of "sexual consent" has been twisted to the point of becoming a "permission on a sexual act" begged out from the government. A culture where kissing in public is frowned upon, and where a topless woman in public is seen simultaneously as something extraordinarely distasteful, and as an object for stargazers to prey on. A culture where horny teenagers secretly browse erotic and porn websites, because of the lack of any outlet for their urges in the real world, and oogle their female classmates without being able to even talk to them.

    It is not as bad as in the vast majority of other cultures - say, in Japan it is ten times as bad... But we need to stop being ashamed of our bodies at some point, of our nature and of sex and sexual topics. And I do believe we will get there in 50-100 years.

    "Rape culture" means that rape is encouraged or actively justified/forgiven. Is this the case in the US? Obviously not. And just because some people now call everything they do not like "rape", does not make it true.
  • WordsMatterWordsMatter 450 Pts
    edited December 2018
    @MayCaesar rape culture maybe not. But pedophilia culture by those in power absolutely. Penn State, Catholic Church, Jeffery Epstein. All cases of huge amounts of pedophilia by people in power who either got covered up for a long time or received little to no punishment. In the case of Epstein there were most likely many powerful people, I wouldn't be surprised if Bill Clinton was one of them, who participated in the human trafficking and molestation. Rape tends to be more prosecuted in high profile cases than pedophilia and that's insane. 50 years, over 1,000 children molested by Catholic priests in the state of Pennsylvania, and not only are we just getting the investigation into it but there are still groups pushing to prevent any punishment to the church. Some may argue only the protests who committed the crime should be punished, but you had the whole organization, up to then Bishop Zubick, now Cardinal, cover it up. That's a very serious problem.

    Even with kavanaugh the accusations were taken seriously and an investigation was quickly pushed for. Whereas in the case of Epstein, Trump just pulled acostas nomination due to his role in letting Epstein get off with little punishment, but there was no more of a push to prosecute Epstein than there was before people reported on Acosta's previous role in the first trial.
  • @WordsMatter
    This proves rape culture is real because? Brock was convicted of felony sexual assault.
    Sovereignty for Kekistan
  • @Zombieguy1987 Good point.
  • @MayCaesar I was raped and treated like a criminal, violating my rights. That is rpe culture. You have NO idea what it is like to be RAPED!
  • @JackNewton Look it up on for the answer. I am NOT responsible for your education.
  • @YeshuaBought i was asking your definition of a rape culture, if we have different definitions were effectively arguing about different subjects.
  • edited December 2018
    Islam supports rape culture, but liberals are just trying to cover it up by calling critics Islamophobic

    Islam is a rape cult, and a death cult. But anyone who follows a book that says ants can talk is already insane enough.
    Retired DebateIslander. I no longer come here actively, and many of the things that I may have posted in the past (Such as belief in the flat Earth theory) do not reflect on my current views.

  • @YeshuaBought

    That is like saying that because Breivik's attack happened in Norway, Norway has a terrorist culture. "Rape culture" would imply that sexual violence is glorified or, at least, justified by a large fraction of the population; simply the fact that sexual violence regularly happens does not mean there is a culture associated with it. 

    I have never been sexually assaulted, that is true, but I did get beaten to half-death by a group of Asian immigrants once. I do not make any sweeping generalisations though just because I happened to encounter a group of particularly vile people.
  • I agree with @MayCaesar. I don't think generalizing a group of people that corresponds to a negative is a rational way to justify.
  • When there is a gross unchecked power of people over another abuse is going to happen. To say that these people in this sort of position over others means that the whole community is supporting of that culture is wrong. So, all priests must support homosexuality and underage sex because of the actions of some of them
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