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The best online Debate website -! The only Online Debate Website with Casual, Persuade Me, Formalish, and Formal Online Debate formats. We’re the Leading Online Debate website. Debate popular topics, Debate news, or Debate anything! Debate online for free!

Taxation is Theft, Change my mind
in United States

The government claims to be "shut down", but my paycheck determined that to be a lie. The Political Ruling Class is stating that tax returns will not be given during a shutdown. The government can collect and process taxes, but not return taxes collected that by rights is money they were NEVER entitled to in the first place (overpayment). If the government is refusing to return the money to citizens, which has already been held interest free all year, how is this not theft? If you owed me 5 bucks, and you gave me 10, and I held your extra 5 bucks all year doing what I wanted with it free of interest, and then return it to you next year when the value of the money has changed over time, and then REFUSE to return your money... how is this not theft? Not only is the money interest free, but it also has lost value during that year. It has been returned, when it does eventually get returned, at a diminished value. Theft!

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  • So you care more about money than people? I hope you don't call yourself a Christian.
  • AlecAlec 69 Pts
    We should have high sales taxes and no income tax.  It makes more sense to tax people for doing neutral/bad things then it does to tax people for doing good things, like getting a high salary.

  • AlecAlec 69 Pts
    I think we should have high sales taxes and no income tax.  It makes more sense to use taxes as a means of discouraging people from doing bad/neutral things then it does to use a tax as a deterrent to making high salaries.
  • AlecAlec 69 Pts
    Sorry I said the same basic thing 2x.  I thought my comment didn't load.
  • AlofRIAlofRI 104 Pts
    We shouldn't mind taxes …. as long as we get our money's worth out of them. It IS theft when we don't. It IS theft when some don't pay taxes commensurate with what they make. It IS theft when some are given tax breaks to INVEST, then pack an equal amount or more away in an overseas account. It IS theft when a tax break is used to research drugs or invest in machinery to save lives, then supercharge the users whose tax money was invested! 
    OUR taxes should go to a government OF, BY and FOR the PEOPLE, not "special interests", and we SHOULD get OUR share of the profits of that investment BACK! When the largest share is used and abused by a government OF the FEW, BY the FEW and FOR the FEW it becomes THEFT!
  • Here's the plan: turn all welfare recipients into government employees, that way we'd at least be getting something out if it. The bureaucracy needs to be trimmed down too because they spend proportionally small amounts but it adds up. Department of Homeland Security (or HUD) spent $350M on radios that could not communicate with each other.
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 1257 Pts
    edited January 15
    It is not theft, but, rather, robbery. Theft is having something stolen without knowing it immediately; robbery is having something taken away through coercion.

    Some would argue that this sort of robbery is justified - but it still is robbery by definition.

    In addition, in the US, for example, taxes do not exhaust the degree of the total robbery. National parks in the US, for example, are declared public land, hence belonging to the taxpayers - yet, for example, the entrance to Grand Canyon National Park is still $35. So, despite having our possessions taken away in the name of funding public endeavors, we still do not gain the right to use the fruits of those endeavors, without paying extra.

    Government collecting taxes is much like a business company that, instead of selling you something, just takes your money and then decides what to give in return - if anything. Say, you go to a car dealership, they take $30,000 from your bank account without your permission, and then say, "We'll get back to you in a month and give you some car of our choice. Or maybe give nothing at all. But your donation helped other people, so you should feel good about it!"

    I have always said this, and will say again: people should be free to not pay taxes, in exchange for not getting the boons of public services. And those who do choose to pay taxes, should get a claim on ALL public services. My taxes should buy me the right to use public land however I please, for example. If not, then I would rather not pay taxes and use the money to buy a private land instead.


    And paying taxes and getting a governmental shutdown in return is simply inconceivable. The government owes us our money back. Just because the ministers cannot agree on something, does not mean they suddenly should get a vacation paid by us, with many public services suspended.
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