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Does the doctrine of "Born Into Sin" make sense?
in Religion

Please convince me. Because I'm looking for the explanation regarding to this.

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  • I don't understand this either, and I am a Christian. I feel bad for not understanding. As salaam u alikum.
  • JawadiahmadJawadiahmad 24 Pts
    edited January 31
    @YeshuaBought Waalaikum ya akhi
  • @Jawadiahmad Yesua ehebek, ana eheb Yesua! :)
  • OH, YEAH! You can tell just looking at the little critters that they can't be trusted! They deal in Paregoric and other drugs and paraphernalia right from the start! You can tell, they come out as little slime-balls! Yep, can't trust'em!
    Ridiculous. ;-) 
  • Well, as we are all in sin, it does make sense.  We aren't born into salvation because salvation is a choice, and there are multiple verses supporting this.  So, while infants aren't immediately sinning, they are born un-saved and must make that choice to come out of a path that lead to condemnation and a path that leads to redemption.  Free will.  
  • I have never accepted the concept of responsibility by default. For example, where I grew up, everybody was talking about my responsibility before the nation that raised me. I always asked the same question: "Why should I be responsible for something I had no choice in?" I did not ask to be born there and be raised by that nation, did I? Nobody could ever give a satisfactory answer to this question.

    Same here. I am a sinner just because I was born? Well, okay, show me the contract I signed which states that I choose to be born in exchange for some sins I will have to wash myself of. If there is no such contract, then I do not owe anyone anything.
  • @MayCaesar ; I can see where it makes sense when it comes to responsibility to your nation, but when it comes to sin it's more complex than being born with a ledger.  We are just born with a propensity to sin, and then the minute you sin, that's where you become wrong.  You are born into a life where you can sin, rather than, at creation, there was no way to sin.  
  • @SuperSith89

    But that works both ways. People make good and bad choices. Sometimes I make bad decisions (sin), sometimes I make good decisions. Sometimes I make a bad decision, thinking it is good at the time, and later realizing my mistake. Or sometimes I do something that feels wrong, but that makes sense from some perspective - and later it turns out that it was the best decision one could make in that situation.

    Why bad decisions should be assumed by default, while good decisions are expected to make up for them, and not the other way around, is not very clear to me.
  • @MayCaesar That's the part there, that second paragraph there.  The idea that you atone for sin by doing good deeds couldn't be more false, at least from a Protestant view.  Catholics and Mormons are two of the only denominations that believe otherwise.  Ephesians 2:8-9 "For it is by grace you have been saved through faith, and this not from yourselves; it is the gift of God, not by works, so that no one can boast."  Now, the way to atone for sins is simply by asking for forgiveness and accepting Jesus as your savior.  No amount of works get you to heaven now.   
  • @SuperSith89 ;So when you're not a believer than you're a sinner even when you're born? the definition of a sin is "an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law.". So what divine law and rules that exist when we have no faith and only basic human instinct?
  • I think one reason the bible says we're born of sin is to drive home the message that we are all Gods children and we shouldn't judge others because of their supposed sins. The bible also says that if you're guilty of one sin, you're guilty of them all, but that doesn't mean you can't be forgiven for your sins. I think the real message here is, we are all equally guilty in Gods eyes, but if we embrace Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior, we will be forgiven and welcome into the kingdom of heaven. The concept of "being born of, or into sin" is really a concept of equality under God. That's my interpretation anyway. 
  • @SuperSith89

    Fair notion. But my point was that the interpretation of "born into sin" is inherently biased towards the negative view on people. Why not state the opposite? Why not say that people, rather, are born into virtue, but due to their flaws sometimes resort to sins? Why assume that people are inherently bad, but sometimes do good deeds - instead of assuming that people are inherently good, but sometimes do bad deeds?

    I am not religious, but I have always seen humans as fundamentally good. Every time someone commits a horrible act, you can always find some pain or unsatisfied need within them that manifested in them acting in this way. A person that is happy and has everything they need will never resort to actions that hurt themselves or others.

    Children tend to be very happy. Look at any child - they are always curious, always having fun, always trying different things. It is the pain we accumulate during growing up that makes us into individuals who perceive the world around them as hostile and dangerous.

    As such, I disagree with the premise that people are fundamentally sinners.
  • Well, it makes sense if you are a follower of a religion that offers sin as part of its curriculum... It certainly makes sense if you're a priest/imam/rabbi, sin is your leverage. If you sell soap, you better tell your customer that they're dirty, right? 
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