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If you support this, you are promurder. Change my mind.
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  • @YeshuaBought ;

    Are All woman created equal be their creator?

    Why change your mind, why not just create equality among woman? All woman are created equal by their creator. The egg a woman generates during ovulation is alive, she is not a chicken, fertilization of the egg does not occur before it is created, she is also not the sake who can fertilize her egg herself.

    The real issue is all woman do not want to be equal. This would mean exposing a whole truth. Woman and men both kill babies as a law of nature as a male female couple. The only difference is no-one forces or tricks you into admission of guilt about doing so.

  • @John_C_87 I do believe all women are equal, including unborn women.
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 1769 Pts
    edited February 2
    If you are employed by a company, then you've got a job to do. You do not like the job? You can quit at any time - although you should have thought it through before you signed the contract, ideally.

    I, as a company owner, would not care about your political views. If you refuse to perform an abortion because you are a hardcore Republican, then you will not get your paycheck.

    There are crematorium jobs, where you have to deal with corpses every day. There are military jobs, where you shoot at people upon request. There are butcher jobs, where you kill animals every day with your bare hands. There are many dirty jobs out there, and if you have taken one on, you have to do it, no matter how you feel about it.

    Does not make a bill forcing private companies into a certain behaviour reasonable, but does make this lady's point irrelevant.

    P.S. Debra really does not like certain trigger words. :(
  • @MayCaesar Nope. Christians have the right to not violate their own beliefs. Abortion is murder, and Christians will not comply, you baby killing freak!
  • The whole truth is Pregnancy abortion is the admission/accusation of murder no legal questions allowed by witness protected by equality of law. No one want’s to give the alibi for why all woman are created equal on an admission of guilt? An admission/confession which is no greater than the one all woman share but do not make for not making an attempt to become pregnant while ovulating. We know for fact the baby is going to die if the woman does nothing to save the unborn child.  @YeshuaBought
  • I do believe all women are equal, including unborn women.

    Yet you make no reasonable attempt to do so in legislation of law.
  • AlofRIAlofRI 247 Pts
    I have experienced an abortion personally. It was necessary to save my wife. She passed two years later. I would go with an abortion AGAIN, in similar circumstances. I don't like "frivolous" abortions, but, if a woman, her doctor, her husband all agree it's a must, then they SHOULD have the "right". There are many reasons, personal ones, that all people should have the right to decide, the right to choose.
    Many would take that "right" away and consider their OWN judgement as the deciding one. That is NOT freedom.
    I believe Christians feel that "GOD" decides who will be punished and for what reason. Why, then, do so many want to make "His" decisions??
  • @John_C_87 I call bull ish on that. I fully support gender equality hich we already have. Just because I'm not a feminazi does NOT mean I oppose women's rights. Just pure logical fallacies.
  • @AlofRI I am sorry for your loss and for clicking the wrong thing. I think endangered mothers have the right to survive, but ish and giggles like Emily Letts is wrong. Abortion to save the mother's like is a small minority of abortions, hun. No judgement just information.
  • @YeshuaBought

    I honestly don’t know why you bother with posts like these. You’re not looking for anyone to change your mind or even to inform you further on the issue. You’re hardly even looking to address the actual points brought up by others. All you’re interested in doing is putting out ad hominem attacks on others for positions you disagree with. I can’t understand why you have to make dozens of posts like this in order to do it, nor do I get why you put the veneer of a willingness to hear others out on a subject on which you are very clearly hostile to the other side. Not only is everyone who disagrees with you wrong, they’re irredeemable baby murderers. I don’t know if you get some kind of pleasure out of this or if you just feel the need to lord your views over others to some other purpose, but you neither seem interested in discussion nor debate. You only seem infatuated with your own certainty.
  • Okay let me list my grievance of whole truth to truth told, then you tell how they are not part of a whole truth not told.

    .Gender equality, it does not exist as it is found in constitutional separation that all men are male and all females are woman. There is a percentage of people who born of both combinations of male and female.

    .There is not equality among all woman in relationship to Pregnancy abortion legislated into law it has both admission and confession. No Constitutional separation has been granted by woman, for woman to establish all woman as equal under United States Constitution. Abortion the official stop of Pregnancy.

    .Pregnancy Abortion the official stop of pregnancy for woman’s use assumed by making a medical donation of egg. This is a way women who have been excluded from Pregnancy abortions can be included correct?

    .All Woman who have participated In Vitro Fertilization have had also at the same instant avoided pregnancy by abortion correct? Pregnancy was officially stopped by use of giving away a child? Adoption.

    .All woman who ovulate knowing kill a baby by not having copulation? The female egg dies in all woman who ovulate and make no efforts to save the life inside them correct?

    Female specific amputation is a description which reflects the self-value and assigned cost placed on medical procedures in an impartial way for all woman, correct?

    Two men, or two woman, or male along, or female alone can play a role as parent placing 1 egg with 1 sperm, or 1,000 human eggs with 1,000 of human sperm without one witness account made public that bind them legally to Planned Parenthood, taken by one male, and one female couple normally by state license. This is to be understood to be part of a whole truth correct?

    You do not need to agree or disagree with any idea here these grievance are on telling a part of a whole truth, or not tell a whole truth. As bull-ish is not being clear in my understanding it’s like saying that’s almost a lie but not quite.

  • @YeshuaBought

    Human rights define what happens when the interests of two or more people become mutually exclusive. The goal of human rights is to preserve the individual's ability to live the life on their own terms, to protect them from having their life choices made not by them, but by other people.

    One of the most fundamental human rights is property rights. When you own a property (which can be something physical, such as a car, or something conceptual, such as company), everything that happens within this property is defined by you and you only. If this is not so, then you do not own the property, and, instead, you lease the property by someone else's permission, who actually owns it.

    What happens when you sign a job contract? The person owning the property (business; hospital, in this case) allows you a certain degree of use of this property, clearly prescribing the responsibilities of both parties. In this case, your responsibilities are everything that you have consented on doing, typically all the medical procedures you are qualified doing - while your employer's responsibility is to pay you your wages. The employer still owns the property. You are bound by the contract, and it is up to you to fulfill it.

    When you say that your Christian beliefs prohibit you from performing abortion, then you are referring to your right not to perform abortion without your consent. However, in case of the hospital job contract, you have consented to doing the procedures the hospital owner imposes on you. You have already given your consent on the possibility to have to perform abortions when you signed the contract.

    You have consented on something that contradicts your Christian beliefs. That is a sad state of affairs, but you cannot revoke a consent once put into the contract. Your Christian beliefs and your religious rights are irrelevant; you voluntarily forfeited them the moment you signed the contract.

    If you want to work at a hospital without having to do abortions, then either seek employment at a hospital that does not require its employees to do abortions, or open your own hospital and set your own terms there. But you do not get to tell a property owner how to treat their property, and you cannot bail out of your responsibilities which you have already voluntarily agreed to do as per contract.
  • @MayCaesar ;

    First it is not only a human rights issue. Second a person, a woman being a poor witness to whole truth does not make that witness the creator of the only truth in matters of pregnancy abortion. In this case the interpretation is Pregnancy abortion, the claim of officially stopping pregnancy being only a religious grievance in legislated Law is not true. Be it unconstitutional law or constitutional law. In pregnancy abortion it just happens to be unconditional legalization that is attracting the attention in how it is applied. All woman are attempted to be created equal by their creator by way of accusation that also make an admission to guilt to the public.

    The principle here is to form a common defense to the general welfare of all people that pregnancy abortion is equal to the act of combat by United State Military in its use of lethal force. The Warning made prior or before civil action, this process is not relevant to all War, no it clearly is not. Pregnancy Abortion is not equal to lethal force used in military combat.

    To make the basic principle much less complicated a summary of why a nurse might be required to take part in a female specific amputation. Not the only Type Pregnancy abortion out there, she is a voter in the state, or resident of another state which allows the female specific amputation to take place under the title pregnancy abortion. This creates one common defense of the requirement.

    As rape is attached to criminal assault, the process escalates as the damage progresses increases. The nurse is simply a witness to a crime that is the burden of the state, the nurse is a form of relief of command in that legal matter to the state, making sure that this was understood when a practice license was issued again is debatable.

    Again this is not the only justification a woman has a Constitutional right to Female specific Amputation. This only explains how the process make light of separations that should and can occur in judicial separation.

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