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The best online Debate website - DebateIsland.com! The only Online Debate Website with Casual, Persuade Me, Formalish, and Formal Online Debate formats. We’re the Leading Online Debate website. Debate popular topics, Debate news, or Debate anything! Debate online for free!

Why is the political left so obsessed with Islam?
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It makes no sense.

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  • There is a lot of socialists, or people with partially socialist views, on the left. The ideological basis behind socialism is that inequality of the outcome = the result of unfair treatment. Those who are more successful are always to blame for the problems of those who are less successful.

    This is why you see them constantly defend monstrous ideologies and regimes, while at the same time criticizing those ideologies that have worked great, and those nations that have prospered. You see it all the time:
    - Israel is bad, Palestine is good.
    - Qatar is bad, Iran is good.
    - The US is bad, Cuba is good.
    - Taiwan is bad, China is good.
    - Western Europe is bad, Eastern Europe is good. (This one is old and hasn't been used since the Cold War ended.)
    - South Korea is bad, North Korea is good. (I kid you not, there are people in South Korea who genuinely believe that.)

    What is the story with Islam? Well, all Islamic states, except for several major oil exporters, have failed utterly in terms of economy and societal organization. In addition, "evil" US constantly participates in the military operations there. So Muslims are victims. Combine it with the fact that Islam is not particularly loved around the world, and with the fact that we have the president who has enacted anti-immigration policies targeting Islamic countries - and you have a perfect recipe for people falling in love with Islam, even if they have no idea what Islam is all about. There have even been demonstrations in support of Hamas in Europe and the US, by people who obviously did not even bother googling the organization.

    There is also a strong counter-reaction to a lot of lousy media exaggerating the negative effects from the Muslim refugee wave in Europe. These media have been making up stories and statistics in order to incite people to oppose immigration more. Many misguided people reacted to that not by defending the truth, but by defending Islam. Again, "Muslims are being criticized, hence they are victims, hence we must defend them, hence we must defend Islam" - same logic.


    All of this makes sense. What does NOT make sense to me is how some people criticizing the left for falling in love with Islam, themselves fall in love with horrible ideologies. They criticize people for being ignorant due to their support of socialism, and yet themselves support nationalism and protectionism. They attack Islam day and night, while being Christians and not realizing that these religions are very similar in the negative effects they induce in societies. They complain that "liberals" want to take their freedoms away, while cheering at the ideas to build the wall, restrict immigration, destroy free trade, legalize torture and "open up libel laws to sue media".

    These two groups of people are fundamentally the same. They do not argue from the logical point of view; they argue from the tribal point of view. Their tribe and its allies are good, other tribes are bad. Everything is derived from that. There is no consistency in their views, but there is consistency in the sides they pick.

    Who was a worse historical character: Stalin or Hitler? Almost all socialists will say "Hitler", and almost all nationalists will say "Stalin". Ask them why, and you will rarely get a coherent answer. It is because they do not stand against the character which they see as objectively worse; they stand against the character who is as far away from their tribe as possible. Castro and Che Guevara on Cuba have killed orders of magnitude more people than Batista, yet you do not see many socialists condemning them, do you?


    It leads to funny confusions sometimes. I watched a university debate recently, where one of the speakers was a Muslim woman. When she started speaking and mentioned she was a Muslim, the audience applauded. Later, however, she proceeded to attack Islam, saying that it led to her having a miserable life on the Middle East, and having to seek refuge in the US in order to save herself from the abusive society. Now suddenly the audience was strongly against her, with hecklers constantly interrupting her and claiming that what she was saying was "hate speech".

    People's opinion of someone changes pretty fast when it turns out that they do not belong to their tribe. One who will defend Muslims from criticism to the end of Earth, will just as easily themselves attack those Muslims who are not fans of what their religion is like nowadays. It is a bit of a doublethink, characterizing people who have not thought any issues through and whose opinions are based purely on emotions.

  • Why is the political left so obsessed with Islam?

    First, it's a spectrum ok? Not every left leaning individual is let's say, confused... I'm pretty much a leftist, socially speaking, more centrist fiscally but whatever, and I don't buy into this PC crap. There is not only one factor to this, there's certainly a tribal structure to it like MayCeasar wrote, there's also a form of misplaced guilt, about slavery, the Shoah, the inquisition, the Crusades and pretty much every bad thing humans did since forever... Then there's fear, fear they are not living up to higher standards of morality, fear of being labelled racist, intolerant, Islamophobic, etc, (it's linked with the guilt.)... There's definitely hints of absolutism in this... All these; guilt, fear, absolutist morals, rooted for the most part in judeo-christian doctrine. Jesus said to love your enemies, so they do, or think they must,...  And like religions, it has its own list of blasphemous behaviors and established sinful thoughts, its political correctness dogmas & revelations... Like with religions, followers too often rejects evidence that question their beliefs. There certainly are zealots who wants to be cleaner than clean, the very fringe, sort of a Westboro Baptist Church of political correctness, every movement has their crazies, look for Alex Jones and his ilk on the opposite side, just as insane... 

    They, and many on the right side of the spectrum make the same mistake, they conflate religion with ethnicity and culture. Each for their own distinct agendas... A minority (the most vocal as usual) on both side of the issue do this on purpose, quite aware of their doing... There's the conniving jihadist, who'll play the human right card and rehearsed outrage to play with this guilt feeling I was talking about earlier, they will also play the free speech card to proselytize their poison and who can be against free speech right? All with the goal of establishing global Islam. It's in their interest to conflate religion with ethnicity & culture, it sows confusion... The same is true on the far-right side, the white supremacists, the xenophobic fringe, the apocalyptic Christians sects who are trying to force the return of Jesus by provoking Armageddon, it's in their interest too, there is a whole lot of fear on the right, it's palpable... 

    When I speak my mind and offend someone on the left, they'll sometime say I'm Islamophobic, I usually reply that I'm not, but that I'm theo-intolerant, it clearly takes out race and culture from the conversation, but they usually exclude themselves from said conversation after that, their problem, not mine...
    " Adversus absurdum, contumaciter ac ridens! "
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