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Law of Time.
in Science

By John_C_87John_C_87 149 Pts

Law of Time:

First law. Time is the only mathematical translation made on Pi to a rational state.

 A circles proportional scale set to its own circumference by use of diameter is not possible. The state of proportion must be moved inside from outside boundary of circumference by use of motion and scale by calculation. As these two proportion share rationality within calculation as their principle.

Time 12:60:60:12 four dimensions of time equal two demotion of time 4:1 as ratio to straight line, in the form of a constant using scale, this is translated directly to a circle as absolute 4:1: square = 4:1 circle

(12:60:60:12), (03:15:15:03), (048:240:240:048) = (60:12:12:60), (15:03:03:15), (240:048:048:240) whereas (12.0: 60.0: 60.0: 12.0) & (60.0: 12.0: 12.0: 60.0) set the variable in an absolute.

The explanation to this math may be understood better as, when translating time to a square in geometry we create two squares of different size by use of distance apart. The larger square is the time closest to user the smaller square the time of greater distance away. Those two squares will then form a rectangle when a parallel line is held to the distance half way between both squares. Geometric Time in linear translation.

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  • How does someone mathematically recreate Pi using a square and not circle?

    Do you believe it can be done?

    How do you believe it can be done?
  • In making a mathematic point.

    All circles have a point at their center that is a circle, the beginning of radius, the middle of diameter.

    All squares have a point at their center that is a circle, two independent diameters from two area, the center of all corners, the center of all sides. One point, one circle.

  • The point of explanation and talk of grievance in mathematics is the credit for the removal of Pi constantly created inside the square as constant. Meaning it was never relative it was a mathmatic constant unless formulated otherwise as absolute by rule of algebra. Time as math process is not finished as the principle was started long before the complete specifications as requirement had been detailed by application of humanity. 

  • In geometry why time and space work for detailing mathematic position. Space is a geometric square and time is a geometric rectangle. the rectangle can be scaled to become divisible by two of the square.
  • searsear 104 Pts

    "Tell me what you think of time, and I will tell you what I think of you. " St. Thomas Aquinas

    The ratio of an igloo's circumference to its diameter is known as Eskimo Pi.

  • @sear ;

    Um? isn't it, wouldn't be, the Equator of the igloo's radius is known as Eskimo Pi?

    A fish, a seal, and a Eskimo had all met in the after life. What did the fish say to the seal?
    "See you later."
  • @sear ;

    "Tell me what you think of time, and I will tell you what I think of you. " St. Thomas Aquinas

    The circumference of a circle is equal to a ratio in a scaled circumference as distance from the diameter.

  • searsear 104 Pts
    Fish don't talk.
    "The circumference of a circle is equal to a ratio ..." J8

    A circumference is one number. a ratio is two numbers.
    Get you GED.
  • @sear ;

    "The circumference of a circle is equal to a ratio ..."

    Yes, all circumference are equal to the diameter, by proportion, with other circles this in a sequence of scale. This is say that all circles are not relative simple because their own diameters are disproportionate as a common state.

    Other word Einstein needed to calibrate time to space in the universe before trying to make any calculations in the principle of time travel in the universe.

  • searsear 104 Pts
    There is no ratio on the number-line.
  • @sear ;
    How many hours in a day? How many minutes are in an hour? how many seconds in a minute? How many hours are in a Am?
    How many hours are in a PM?
  • searsear 104 Pts
    A Brazilian?
    (that's more than a bagililion you know)
  • I would have gone with 24: 60:60: 12 for AM = ½ a day: and 12 for PM = ½ of a day, or sextillion as being closer to Brazilian. Hey! You see that it looks like a rectangle 24 at each end, 60 on both sides, then 24 at the end again. Do you think if we scale the rectangle correctly it could hold any two squares? (0^2)


    Brazilian, isn’t that what we get when we add alcohol, a foreign country, and secret service men then mix well ?

  • searsear 104 Pts

    Q: Why do engineers confuse Halloween and Christmas?

    A: Because Oct 31 equals Dec 25.

  • Q: Why do engineers confuse Halloween and Christmas?

    A: Both holidays celebrate using the combination of green with red, and are full of monsters looking for treats.

    B: The engineer has not noticed that time is mathematically proportionate to a rectangle which can be scaled to the area of two equal squares. Meanwhile the calendar only holds the months Oct, & Dec. equal at 31 days, with the use of one direction motion and irrational numbers.

    C: October fest comes first and by the time the other two holidays roll around the majority is to drunk to know? 

  • searsear 104 Pts
    A) Halloween: orange & black

    C) I've been to Munich. I know.
  • A)  Halloween: orange & black.

    All Hollows Eve. Red blood, green goblins, and a happy Druid new year to you. Party starts October 31 and ends November 1. Don’t mind the spirits that are wondering the earth from the year that has past, and not consumed.   

    Still no say on how the use of atomic, or the calendar year are calculated into a translation of geometry to be formulated into scale like time as we all may use it but not know it?  

  • searsear 104 Pts

    "All Hollows Eve. Red blood, green goblins ..." JC

    Perhaps. But when I google images of Halloween most of the images I get are pumpkins, witches dressed in black, and black cats.

    The color green, if a tradition of Halloween decor at all, is recessive, in New York culture.

    I've lived on both sides of the Mason Dixie, and both sides of the Mississippi. But most of my Halloweens I spend in New York State.


    Halloween also Hallowe'en (hàl´e-wên´, hòl´-)  noun
    October 31, celebrated in the United States, Canada, and the British Isles by children going door to door while wearing costumes and begging treats and playing pranks.
    [Short for All Hallow Even : Allhallow(mas) + even2.]
    Excerpted from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition  © 1996 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Electronic version licensed from INSO Corporation; further reproduction and distribution in accordance with the Copyright Law of the United States. All rights reserved.

  • We still do not address the little monsters in the room. Evil or not, god or bad or not.

    The other little monster addressing the grievance of time. How does the atomic time, or calendar time set the creation of a geometric rectangle to be scaled with the understanding set by math for space as square? Does they do so, or are they just plagiarizing the math principle of time to take and ride on the credit for this process?

    You do understand what a two rectangles might look like in numbers right? (24 x 60, or 60 x 24)

  • John_C_87John_C_87 149 Pts

    The artificial Horizon in atomic time is not related to any artificial horizon earth.

    The direction of scale is in the opposite direction meaning any unseen error cannot be tested.

    The decimal point is an irrational addition to the ratio as it is changing the set scale between horizon and object of observation.

  • searsear 104 Pts
    Is INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC TIME different from GMT / Zulu?
  • John_C_87John_C_87 149 Pts

    This mathematic translation takes place only in one direction so far.
  • John_C_87John_C_87 149 Pts
    @sear ;
    Good question.

    International Atomic Time

    Uses the combined output of some 400 highly precise atomic clocks. It provided the exact speed at which the clock ticks.

    Universal Time also known as astronomical time, refers to the Earth’s rotation. It is used to compare the pace provided by International Atomic Time with the actual length of the day on earth. 

    The link only worked for me out of MS Edge.

  • John_C_87John_C_87 149 Pts

    Time sets a distance using motion. We know the earth rotates 360 degrees and North is  0 degrees. Atomic time is not setting a distance to be scaled up or down. It simply describes by suggestion the speed it creates is consistent, yet is never linked on earth by any scientific mathematic scale. Love to see the tweezers used to adjust the sextant for this project, ones that works on an atomic level that is.

    There may be a misinterpretation of scientific proof as a general need in this matter. Scale, motion, and velocity on principle of time directs a guideline that would have science looking for a connection with magmatic North and South Pole, on the atomic level with all particles. Constant of speed is negated in relationship to a separation process for geometry used by math for time translations and the atomic clock is set to its own horizon not earths.

  • John_C_87John_C_87 149 Pts

    So the grievance.

    If the speed of the second relates to the distance of a second by proportion of degree, and the distance of the second is set by the horizon on earth being placed in line with an angle to object that is was believed to be moving around the earth. Now Earth’s rotation. The process gives us a circumference that is divided into degrees, hours, and minutes, seconds this circumference works alongside the compass which has a circumference that is divided by North, South, East, and West.  

    How is a horizon of earth visually aligned with the motion of an atomic particle? also translated into a  changes the distanceion.he definition, the legality is based on what is being said to have been abort

  • John_C_87John_C_87 149 Pts
    What has been aborted is the relationship between the measurement of distance on earth from East to West in its relationship to a compass heading described as North to South, this measurement also shares the use of degrees, hours, minutes, and seconds. Atomic second is a constant velocity but is not in scale to the earths circumference by its motion. It is raw and has not been mathematically synchronized.

    A law of Time suggests that an atomic second needs a form of compass for a creation of heading that is in a 90 degree angle to create a artificial horizon to which it can be linked to develop a scale of dimensional proportion.
  • The Atomic Second is left unscaled to be proportionate to a measurement of time.  

  • Just to point out that when looking through a sextant there are two circles of different scale that are placed in a line when directing the creation of time mathematically. the image to the left is just a small section of a rotating circle ( oval ).
  • John_C_87John_C_87 149 Pts
    We raced to the moon in that race we did not need advanced forms of navigation for navigation in the universe. We can see the moon.
  • Does time even exist? 
    The passion for destruction is also a creative passion. Mikhail Bakunin

  • John_C_87John_C_87 149 Pts
    @billbatard ;
    Yes time exists it is a sequence of distance in geometry made on a basis of circle. A compass should point North, a time clock directs a point held 90 degrees up in the air, 12:00:00 noon form where you stand. The math process as a whole must be translated correctly so scale can remain consistent with velocity, set motion alone does not insure math translation to scale. Made by compass and Clock.
  • John_C_87John_C_87 149 Pts

     I am going to rephrase that. A compass should point north. A clock should point 90 degrees from a level line that crosses that compass line north to south once a day. All clocks do not need to just one clock to which the others are calibrated to. This maintains the distance not speed of time. 

    Rights Reserved.

  • John_C_87John_C_87 149 Pts

    40,075.017 Kilometers

    24,859.73 Miles 

    8.64 x 10^13 nano seconds

    24 hours 

    1440 Minutes 

    86,400 seconds

    5,184,000 Proportional microsecond.

    These are all numbers written to describe the same distance. Is there one group of numbers or is there two groups of numbers.

  • ZeusAres42ZeusAres42 295 Pts
    Time is the soul of the Universe.

    The unexamined thought is not worth thinking.

  • John_C_87John_C_87 149 Pts
    Time is the soul of the Universe.
    Na...… just a way to measure distance.
  • ZeusAres42ZeusAres42 295 Pts

    I was speaking metaphorically.

    The unexamined thought is not worth thinking.

  • John_C_87John_C_87 149 Pts

    I was speaking metaphorically.

    Nice, how about metaphorically. “Time is the soul the universe seeks time is the earths soul.”

     In basic principle time is a distance measure by the mass of the earth. The accuracy of time is by its method of attachment to the earths mass.

  • John_C_87John_C_87 149 Pts
    I am working on mathematical proofs, is there any public interest in see the calculus question that is to be proven by mathematic experiment? 
  • John_C_87John_C_87 149 Pts
    For all time measure there exist time to be calculated by time zone.

    “A clock that is under the influence of a stronger gravitational field than an observer's will also be measured to tick slower than the observer's own clock.”

    “A clock that is moving relative to an observer will be measured to tick slower than a clock that is at rest in the observer's own frame of reference.”

    The first grievance: is a clock does not calculate time it is the device which records time in pre-calculated zones.
    Second grievance: is gravitation is a motion, not all force creating motion is gravity.

    A clock that is moving relative to an observer will be measuring a past fixed distance by proportion. A clock that is at rest in the observer's own frame of reference will be measuring a past fixed distance by proportion. Any difference in numbers is simple translating an amount an object moved from one time zone.  There is no such thing as space-time for space can only have its own time zone, time is not relative it is only proportional. By space we are given only Pi, by Time we are given Pi and yPi. The Earth is simply in a times zone we do not measure.

  • John_C_87John_C_87 149 Pts

    The limits of Accuracy

    Time keeping is serious business for NIST and they are constantly working to improve accuracy. Their current time standard is a super-accurate clock that works by exciting atoms with microwave energy. This causes the electrons in the atoms to oscillate at a specific frequency, which then establishes the standard for time (frequency and time being related phenomena.)

    The current problem for NIST’s pursuit of extreme accuracy is that General Relativity is beginning to cloud the picture. As Albert Einstein theorized space and time are intertwined. So, when gravity distorts spacer, which it always does, it also distorts time. As the forces of gravity increase at a given location, time slows down at that location.

    For ordinary folks ---and, until recently, NIST --- this wasn’t a serious issue. Now, however, NIST has started that it has reached an impasse in its ability to provide more accurate time. Gravity, as it turns out, is the problem. QST July 2019 (Toward an improved definition of Time) Steve Ford.

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