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The best online Debate website - DebateIsland.com! The only Online Debate Website with Casual, Persuade Me, Formalish, and Formal Online Debate formats. We’re the Leading Online Debate website. Debate popular topics, Debate news, or Debate anything! Debate online for free!

Evolution is false
in Religion

Position: For
By calebsicacalebsica 94 Pts


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    is evolution false

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Votes: 1

Debate Type: Traditional Debate

Voting Format: Formal Voting

Opponent: MayCaesar

Rounds: 1

Time Per Round: 4 Hours Per Round

Voting Period: 24 Hours

Round 1



  • Round 1 | Position: For
    Evolution is false because there is no evidence to support it.


    “ Evolution Refuted” Answers in Genesis, ( published on )October 24, 2014, https://answersingenesis.org/kids/videos/evolution/evolution-refuted/   


    RIddle, Mike “ Does Evolution have a... chance?” Answers in Genesis, Published on: July 29, 2014, https://answersingenesis.org/media/video/evolution/does-evolution-have-chance/  


    Lisle, Jason “Answers Academy: Big Problems with the Big Bang” Answers in Genesis , January 12, 2010, https://answersingenesis.org/media/video/evolution/aa-big-bang/  




    Jesus isTheMoshiah “ Kent Hovind wins debate against bill nye (Short Creation Debate)” MLA, Youtube.com, Posted on Oct 20, 2015, WEB, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogSttUF9mbo  



    LoneStar1776 “3 of 10 - Kent Hovind debates three professors at once” Youtube, Published on Nov 17, 2010, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dPZq8KVrAg  

     Those are links that support my position












  • Round 1 | Position: For


    The big bang is a large topic and there is lots of scientific discussions on the topic so I will give you an overview. A big problem about the big bang is how did the matter get there?  the main theory is that everything ( matter, energy) was condensed into  a space smaller than a grain of sand. That dot, they say was infinitely hot ( very hot). And then, the dot started spin faster for some reason and kept spinning and then for some reason everything exploded and everything expanded and the expansion has not stopped. Then all the matter cooled down and formed stars and planets. I am going to address the question I asked in the beginning: How did the matter get there?  Was that dot always there? In time everything has to be created. Even evolutionist know that the earth had to be created. They answer that with the big bang. But they can’t answer what was there before the big bang? That is a very important question that evolutionist defect as not important. Note what I said about in time. God is outside of nds of dogs. Dogs did not evolve into anything else. I have written about evolution and a few things they believe but now I will start tearing the theory apart. First, without a creator, how did the universe come to be? Evolution uses the Big Bang. The big bang still does not answer where the universe came from. Where did the energy come from?  Evolution tries to eliminate the need for God and that nature created the world instead of God. But there is no answer to where did the stuff come from? I believe God created the universe. Evolution does not tell you where all the stuff to make the stars, rocks, or energy came from. You could believe that the rocks and water and everything in this universe came from nothing but you can’t create something from nothing. Even the big bang can’t solve the problem. Where did the gas that made the bang come from?  

  • Round 1 | Position: For
    Evolution is a false theory because evidence goes against it
  • Round 1 | Position: Against
    Evolution takes place in every aspect of nature we see around us. Take absolutely any abstract field and look at what entities thrive there - those will always be the entities that have adapted to the field the best.

    Take any profession, say, economical consulting. Look at the people consistently working there - they are all masters of their field, who have won the competition and adapted to the field better than anyone/anything else.

    It would be strange for the natural evolution of life being different, given that the principle is universal. Those that fail to adapt to the environment are expelled from it. Look at any animal that has existed for a while, and you will see that that animal is a high-quality professional at everything they do. Crocodiles have been around for over 250 million years; look at how they hunt, how they wait for their prey patiently, how they preserve their energy by basking in the Sun motionless. Everything, every single tiny part of their body and mind have been honed by quarter-billion years of evolution to succeed at everything they do.

    Finally, evolution and "god" are not mutually exclusive concepts. In your proposed scenario of creation, evolution must still play an important role in the world. Regardless of how this Universe came to be, its rules are what they are, and they logically necessitate the process of natural selection. If A is better at doing X than B is, then A is more likely to keep doing X successfully than B, and B is more likely to switch to doing Y instead of X. This is not a rocket science.
  • Round 1 | Position: For
    I understand that natural selection can kill off animals but it won't change the good ones into something else.
  • Round 1 | Position: Against

    There is always a room for improvement. If you have a pack of wolves, and several wolves develop random mutations that allow them to hunt their prey more effectively - then biologically other wolves from the pack will want to mate with them (animals always want to mate with those who they see as superior in some sense, and that goes for us humans too, we just have a more broad definition of "superior" these days), increasing the probability of this mutation persisting.
    In contrary, the wolves that do not develop any positive mutations remain relatively unwanted and are able to do less breeding.

    All of this is logically pretty obvious, and experimentally easily observable in absolutely all living species. We even learned to control this process to an extent, and this is how all the domesticated animals came to be. There were no domestic dogs 50,000 years ago. Nowadays, there are, and it is a result of thousands years of very careful selective breeding.

    I am not sure how you can possibly explain it all away without introducing the concept of "evolution".
  • Round 1 | Position: For
    Thanks for your statements, I think I know your position on the subject better. Adaptation is in animals DNA. It is not used until needed. Mutations are different. Studies show that almost all mutations are harmful. S mutation is an error in DNA. Let's talk definitions. Macroevolution is one kind changing to another like, fish to land animals. Macro Evolution does not happen. microevolution is adapting which is in animals DNA. When I mean adapt I mean like growing longer teeth and changing color not becoming another kind. The only way evolution works are through mutations which is mathematically impossible. I would like o=to see you address how life came from non-life
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