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Is evolution a good theory?
in Religion

Position: Against
By calebsicacalebsica 94 Pts

Evolution is false. Evolution is not science based; it is belief. Evolution is an attempt to replace the all-powerful God that created the world. Evolution is the work of the devil. Evolution claims that science backs it up but there is so much facts against Evolution. In the essay I will prove without a shadow of a doubt that evolution is a lie. While Evolution is false, the Bible is true. 

Charles Darwin, who suspected Evolution, wrote his book Origin of species showing his thoughts to the world. Some people excepted the idea and a theory and some rejected it. Nowadays many people believe in the theory. Evolution base is that life came from non-life and micro-one celled organism lived on the earth first and then evolved into bigger and more complex things. They believe the earth is billions of years old. The picture below is what they believe. Most evolutionist also believe the big bang 



The big bang is a large topic and there is lots of scientific discussions on the topic so I will give you an overview. A big problem about the big bang is how did the matter get there?  the main theory is that everything ( matter, energy) was condensed into  a space smaller than a grain of sand. That dot, they say was infinitely hot (very hot). And then, the dot started spin faster for some reason and kept= spinning and then for some reason everything exploded and everything expanded and the expansion has not stopped. Then all the matter cooled down and formed stars and planets. I am going to address the question I asked in the beginning: How did the matter get there?  Was that dot always there? In time everything has to be created. Even evolutionist know that the earth had to be created. They answer that with the big bang. But they can’t answer what was there before the big bang? That is a very important question that evolutionist defect as not important. Note what I said about in time. God is outside of nds of dogs. Dogs did not evolve into anything else. I have written about evolution and a few things they believe but now I will start tearing the theory apart. First, without a creator, how did the universe come to be? Evolution uses the Big Bang. The big bang still does not answer where the universe came from. Where did the energy come from?  Evolution tries to eliminate the need for God and that nature created the world instead of God. But there is no answer to where did the stuff come from? I believe God created the universe. Evolution does not tell you where all the stuff to make the stars, rocks, or energy came from. You could believe that the rocks and water and everything in this universe came from nothing but you can’t create something from nothing. Even the big bang can’t solve the problem. Where did the gas that made the bang come from? If it was there forever why was it there? The only thing that makes sense is there has to be a creator.   

Let's get into Evolution, for the life to be possible there needed to be the correct conditions for life. The earth had to have liquid water, and for that to be possible it had to be the correct distance from the sun, which it is. It has to be safe from black holes. The chances of that by chance  are very slim. Also, the atmosphere has to have the correct mix of chemicals. In the last88y paragraph it already made it impossible but I will give you even more evidence.  

Life can’t come from non-life. We have tested and tried to make life come from non-life but it just can’t happen. Lets say somehow all the things I said were slim or impossible happened. And a single celled organism was on the earth. Evolutionist say that is how life was 3.5 billion years ago. If life can’t come from non-life how can earth  create life? Evolutionist can’t answer that question but the Bible can. 

 “There is no know observable process by which new genetic information can be added to an organism genetic codei1” as said by answersingenesis. How can you change from one animal to another without adding new genetic information.   Let's talk probability, I can’t write it as good as the experts but I will give it a try. Let's take one part of a cell, the protein. The protein is made of amino acids. There are many different kinds of amino acids. The number of amino acids in a protein varies but It can be around 500. They need to be in the correct order and some amino acids are not used for life. The chances of that happening in a cell is 1/10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 or to put it simply 10 to the power of -130. Not very good chances. Not even in 4.6 billion years. 

Lets talk about the flood, which the Bible says was a worldwide flood and wiped out all mankind and animals except Noah and the animals on the ark. If that happened, which it did, you would find evidence. Evolutionist believe rock layers take millions of years to form. But when Mt. St Helens erupted rock layers formed in hours. The Rock that was created during the eruption was Radiometric dated to millions of years even though It not even one hundred years old. If there was a world wide flood what would be the evidence? Billions of dead things buried in rock layer laid down by water all over the earth.  

Is Genesis history?, which is a  documentary about genesis and how it is true. It said “ Time is not a magic wand the solves all the geological problems.” Time can’t solve all the problems.” Evolutionist try to fix the big holes in evolution and the big bang. You might have been taught that they have dating methods that prove the earth is millions of years old. Those dating methods have lots of assumptions. You can research radiometric dating, Which is a main evolutionary dating method, and it will show you that it is not reliable.  


Evolution needs mutation (evolving) let me tell you about microevolution. Microevolution is when an animal changed when it is adapting to its environment not changing from a fish to a reptile. Micro evolution is true, as when Noah but two dogs of the ark and now we have many kinds. But macro evolution is not true. 


6 meanings of evolution,  

Cosmic evolution 

Chemical evolution 

Planet and star evolution 

Organic Evolution 

Macro evolution 

Micro evolution: Only one that is science the first five are a belief. 
















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