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Is this the appeal to emotion fallacy?

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  • ZeusAres42ZeusAres42 Emerald Premium Member 1583 Pts   -   edited May 2019
    Your best bet is probably finding out from a credible source on fallacies such as this: ; - Internet Encylopedia of Philosophy.

    I mean you should be able to decide for yourself after reading the example/s.

  • YeshuaBoughtYeshuaBought 669 Pts   -  
    @ZeusAres42 Fair enough. I think it is a fallacy but wanted to bring this up for debate.
  • WordsMatterWordsMatter 488 Pts   -  
    Yes. We call them logical fallacies because they don't follow logic. Using an appeal to emotion is by nature illogical.
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 3529 Pts   -  
    This is not just an appeal to emotion fallacy; this is also a factually wrong argument. The children did not die in the name of defending gun rights; they died because they could not defend themselves from the shooter.

    It is no secret that every freedom out there will necessarily lead to civilian casualties due to people exercising it the wrong way. The purpose of freedoms is not to preserve every single human life, but to create the environment in which people can thrive.

    In North Korea, there are fewer gun deaths than in the US (unless you count the executions, but that is a slightly different matter). Would you prefer living there over living in the US? No? Say thanks to freedom for that.
  • YeshuaBoughtYeshuaBought 669 Pts   -  
    @WordsMatter Thank you. That is what I used to be guilty of.
  • YeshuaBoughtYeshuaBought 669 Pts   -  
    @MayCaesar Agreed.
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