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The best online Debate website -! The only Online Debate Website with Casual, Persuade Me, Formalish, and Formal Online Debate formats. We’re the Leading Online Debate website. Debate popular topics, Debate news, or Debate anything! Debate online for free!

Mueller press conference
in Politics

By WordsMatterWordsMatter 476 Pts
What do you bring away from, and what are the implications you see from Mueller's press conference?

I take three things away.

1. The entire country, Republican, Democrat, and everything in between, needs to take the Russian interference in the American election seriously. In 2016 it was in favor of Trump so currently Democrats are not focused on it than Republicans are, but all it would take for that to flip is for the Democrats to have a candidate that the Russians view as more opportunistic than the Republican candidate, like in Obama vs Romney, I wouldn't be surprised if the Russians fought for Obama. As someone on this site has pointed out before, this issue is only a tiny portion of the report, and therefore isn't that important. I would compare it to a paper on the nature of black holes. When something as obvious as 2+2=4 is a part of the greater paper, you hardly have to spend any time discussing that as it's cut and dry, while the rest is ambiguous and takes further discussion. Finally Mueller stressed this point twice in his speech and even said all Americans should be concerned.

2. The DOJ does not allow for a sitting president to be indicted, therefore while Mueller commented that he didn't find evidence of collusion, his decision to leave it up to others to determine obstruction of Justice does not mean that Trump is expected of obstruction of Justice. Trump could have literally told Mueller or anyone that he was actively trying to obstruct Justice and the DOJ cant do anything at all about it, they could never find him guilty of it. The only way to find a sitting president guilty of any crime, constitutionally, is for Congress to determine that. Giuliani questioned on Fox news why the investigation should have even happened given that DOJ rule. Mueller answered this before Giuliani's interview, it is better to have facts and testimony preserved while the details are still fresh just because they could be vital in the prosecution of any individual, such as the agents being prosecuted for interfering in the election, which wouldn't have happened if not for the special counsel. Mueller can't legally indict Trump even if he had an open and shut case. The details are useful to Congress but nothing will ever come of this in Congress. Instead the report of only important for the American people to determine Trump's guilt, which isn't held to the same standards as a federal trial, not even impeachment is held to that high of a standard, it's purely based on votes no matter how insincere.

3. Mueller was truly fair and transparent in this investigation. He did what he was tasked to do. Highlighted and indicted Russian agents in Wheaton interference, found that there was insufficient evidence of collusion even if he could prosecute it, and that there was enough evidence of obstruction that he couldn't make a similar statement on it as he did with collusion. Mueller simply gathered facts and gave them to the people who could utilize them, which he could not legally no matter the evidence. In this case it was the attorney general, Congress, and the American people. 

The attorney general has made his statement. Congress is a lame duck because the partisanship in Washington would never lead to impeachment of any president as long as there bodies were split. So it is up to the voter to be their own judge and jury on Trump's guilt, with their own personal standard of guilt. So this report is fairly pointless for any American outside of the Independents or moderates. People on the left and right had their minds made up long before any of this.

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  • Mueller's report is quite clear imo, he could not indict 45 for obstruction even if he wanted to, it's the Congress' job, to indict or not, a sitting president via impeachment... 

    At this point, I think Trump could actually go on 5th avenue and shoot a random guy, and the Senate probably still wouldn't impeach him... The system is broken, party over country is where things are at now... Integrity and good faith are gone from US politics, it's a circus full of clowns...
    " Adversus absurdum, contumaciter ac ridens! "
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 3245 Pts
    My take as that of someone who has lived in Russia in the past and who has studied its history and culture - is that Putin really isn't as much after supporting candidates that he can manipulate, as he is after supporting those that can destabilise the American society and economy. It is vital for Putin that Americans fight each other domestically, so they cannot pay as much attention to his expansionist activities.

    For the same reason, I agree with you that Putin probably favored Obama over Romney, as Obama strongly polarised the society, just as Trump currently does. When Americans are too busy deciding who is the evil on Earth, Republicans or Democrats, then they are not as busy paying attention to Russian incursions on the Middle East, in Africa, South America and eastern Europe.

    And, again, for the same reason Russia launched such a massive international propaganda campaign in support of nationalistic views when refugees started arriving in Europe en masse. It is not an exaggeration to say that Putin orchestrated the whole raise of nationalistic movements on the West, and that malicious rhetoric really originated on propaganda channels such as Russia Today. Nobody took nationalism seriously until Russia used a convenient moment to blow the arising issues out of proportion.

    As such, it is pretty obvious that Russia tried its best to get Trump elected, but I seriously doubt that Russia controls Trump in any way. Trump was not intended to be controlled, he was merely intended to split the American society into two warring groups - which he did well, building on Obama's "success".
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